Microsoft Excel 2016 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [COMPLETE in 13 MINUTES!]*

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Full Guide here:
Enable SUBTITLES if you have troubles at understanding the accent. Leave feedback if you can!

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Rachelle Murphy says:

Excellent Video. Helped me out tremendously for my upcoming excel projects. Couldnt have been done any better! Thank you!

Fares Alenazi says:

Yes it’s so helpful thanks so much


Thanks dear

Liam Walton says:

Learn how to talk

pmcc88 says:

Amazing. Very detailed and direct. Great job

Alexis Trigo says:

Get a new accent and learn proper grammar

pasaila adrian says:

Thank you , vocea imi place. Super

Matthew van Tonder says:

Writing a test on this shit later

Mohamed Kamara says:

I love excel!!!!! I use it on my Laptop


i love the class wiII be right back this will see a fine report in the next meeting. thank you

damdulmax damdumax says:

Thanks a lot for your lovely video making me love your accent and tutorial as well.

Johnny Simmons says:

Excellent video! Thank you very much!

Haresh Mohan says:

very helpful wonderful

princess mimi says:

i really appreciate your effort you are indeed a great teacher you really speak slowly helpful easily to uderstand

Admin Govechildcare says:

Great video. Please don’t feel bad with the comment of some people saying her accent is bad and hard to understand. I totally understand and not too fast. We should be thankful, so thank you so much. Hoping to see more of pivot table and formulas please

Gerhard Wasowski says:

set speed to 1.25. Don’t thank me

MD Balkissoon says:

Thanks for the refresher. I have used excel for over 20 years but only about 5% of the features on a daily basis. It was great to see all the other features. I love the accent :). M

Melinda Dennis says:

Great video and informative. Thanks!

ARSHAN Soleymanian Far says:

omg Ur accent makes it hard

dee 001 says:

thanks i needed to brush up and this really helped

muhammad farhan says:

good mam

Jealous Lawn Care says:

Where is that accent from?

Naa Sack says:

This video is great for refreshing my memory on how excel works. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

iam taiwo says:

very helpful

Mohamed Kamara says:

I love the chart


Thank you very much, this was an amazing refresher!

brandon apple says:

hi b

Regina Turner says:

The video is too fast and expects us to already know the icons in the system.

Mila Kuntu says:

Why are you using people that do not talk good english?? You can’t hardly understand them.

Pemba Sherpa says:

Why do i have to see this Lopez shit every time I’m trying watch a video

John Elias says:

Thank you. This really helped me out with how to use Excel 2016!

Michael Holman says:

Good video! You cover many topics that are good for beginners to practice.

Aventurera says:

too fast

kashif khan says:

hi help me my excel problem is editing & not open new page

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