Microsoft Excel 2016 – Learn Excel 2016 Beginners Tutorial Video

Learn Microsoft 2016 from the pro’s. In this FREE beginners tutorial for Microsoft 2016 you will learn the basics of Excel 2016, and Tips and Tricks so that you can get the most out of your Excel experience. Our beginner videos start with simple tasks like selecting cells and entering data, then quickly move to calculating data with basic formulas and functions. The intermediate portion shows you how simple it is to sort and filter and then moves to one of Excel’s most popular features, Pivot Tables. Our advanced videos start with functions like IF and VLOOKUP and finish up with Macros.

Some of the other topics in the Microsoft Excel 2016 tutorial include:
Start Screen & Templates, Ribbon & QA Toolbar – Part 1, Ribbon & QA Toolbar – Part 2, Backstage View, Interface, Share Pane, Tell Me, Smart Lookup, Navigating, Keyboard Shortcuts, Entering Text
Formatting Numbers, Deleting & Formatting, AutoSum, Simple Formulas, Simple Functions, Absolute Referencing, Inserting Rows
Inserting Columns, Moving & Copying Data, Autofill, Cell Styles, Worksheet Themes, Excel Templates, Grouping Worksheets, Freeze Panes, Custom Views, Spell Check, Printing, Flash Fill, List Design & Single Level Sorting, Multi-Level Sorting, Custom Sorting, Filtering, Multi-Level Filtering, Search Filtering, Format as Table, Table Style Options, Remove Duplicates, Convert to Range, Subtotal, Multi-Level, Subtotaling, Remove Subtotals, Quick Analysis Charts, Inserting Data Charts, Formatting Data Charts, Chart, Templates, Spark lines, Printing Charts, Importing From Web, MS Query, Exporting Overview, Pivot Tables, Multiple-Field Pivot Tables, Drill Down Reports, Pivot Charts & Grouping Fields, Slicer Tool, Data Validation – Part 1, Data Validation – Part 2, Cell & Sheet Protection, File Encryption, Conditional Formatting, Linking Data, Inserting Comments.. and more

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Arshad Ali says:

its amazing indeed

S Valentino says:


Nabil Amer says:

Thank You Sean. you are great

Алексей Яковлев says:

Какого хрена название на русском???

Catherine Scott-Stollmeyer says:

Excellent tutorial. Clear, articulate voice. Used as a refresher and picked up quite a few new tips. Thank you very much. Look forward to more videos.

Yeşim Aysal says:

Hi Sean thank you so much for this great tutorial and l am looking for the second one

Said Ajanane says:

2016? but in the corner right bottom it says 10/12/2015 or the calendar is wrong

Hopeful says:

I dont easily subscribe to youtubers, but you got me on this one

J K says:

Thank You, This seriously helped!!

Mohamed Abdikadir says:

This is what i call a real teacher. Many thanks to you for the time and energy.

Bandana Kitchen says:

Great Teaching…….Nice Tricks

UniquePopcorn says:

This is very comprehensive quality tutorial thank yo

Abel Antonio says:

well done

nestor tumaquip says:

can i save it to my flash drive? How?

Bandana Kitchen says:

Thanks A lot…

David Peters says:

So far so good ! Clear voice.

Uffepuffeify says:

I make also films about Excel, but in Swedish.
Just visit your page to find some tips. Good work.

hasan onsen says:

Thank you so much for this informative tutorial

Gina Whitelaw says:

Great presentation thank you…what software program do you use to draw the red boxes and arrows to show people where things are to help with your tutorial. I’m new to preparing presentations and would love to be able to use it.

Marie Andreason says:

Thank you for your clear voice, your patient repetition (3 times is great!), and the exercises. I learn best by doing.

Cecy Lainez says:

You’re amazing! Thank you so much for this tutorial! Do you have any tutorials for accounting in excel?

Diane Jordan says:

How do you open a new file ??? Help

Daniel Habte says:

Video quality?

YM Travis says:

something wrong with my A2. I type =1+1 and enter it, answer should be 2 but 2-Jan came out. Where does that -Jan comes from?

Mehula Prasad says:

I couldn’t find a tutorial better than this hence I chose to continue with this video even though I have Excel 2010. And because of this the key F4 is not performing as shown in the video. HELP!

Olanlee Andrews says:

Yea, i need to watch this every day

Kylie Delaney says:

This is just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you Sean.

Mergen Mongush says:

хотел спросить новые формулы созданные в 2016 или 2013 ексель будут работать в ексель 2007 или 2010?

Mohamed Kinsi says:

This lesson was really helpful to me.
Thank you for this wonderful tutorial.

Kekkaishi52 says:

NO!…. I do NOT want to PAUSE the video every 2 minutes!!!!

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