Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial For Beginners: Excel Crash Course Refresher for Job Interviews & Exams

This is a Crash Course Microsoft Excel 2016 tutorial for beginners or a refresher Excel tutorial for people who need to touch up on their Microsoft Excel skills for a job interview, or for an Excel exam or test. In this tutorial you will learn about Data Entry, Excel 2016 Formulas & Functions, Excel cell reference, Excel worksheet operations, formatting cells, formatting Excel content & numbers, Conditional formatting in Excel 2016, how to use charts in Excel 2016, How to format & style charts in Excel 2016, Inking in Excel 2016, How to save files to the cloud and to your PC in Excel and how to share files by email in Excel 2016.


Remmie Crawford says:

Where are the other videos?

The How To Channel says:

Great tutorial video. I will sub to anyone who subs to me and likes this comment!

Ben C says:

Great video – it would be really useful to have some bookmarks for faster navigation.

Snow mass says:

your videos are very helpful ..please do more like these .

Business says:

Todd, just found your stuff. Man the music is awesome on Love is a Ghost, & Chinese piano Improv. The piano style reminds me of one of the best out there (Sandy Owens Leaves in the Wind from the Euphonia LP) not the new version, check it out. You sound great. Love the excel tutorials too.

Mars Bars Garcia says:

I took an Excel class many years ago and I never used it. Now, I need a quick refresher course for a computer proficiency exam. I liked your clear and concise explanations. A novice like me was able to grasp the formula’s pretty well although the more advanced techniques were a little more challenging.

zach parrish says:

Definitely a comprehensive guide! A great refresher! Thanks for posting!

Joe Snyder says:

Amazing how you forget this stuff, I did a seasonal forecast for a golf course with all sorts of graphs, charts etc. in college and I can’t remember any of the functions and I have to start over. Boohoo hah.

Swaps J says:

thanku sir….subbed jus now

ivdsc1 says:

thank you, sir. Found this tutorial very useful

Mark Marku says:

Where are the files located?

Christine Herrington says:

this is great! thanks

Giorgio Delbarba says:

Could you post a link where is possible to download the excel spreadsheets that you were using?

David Morales says:

Are the 365 version and google sheets much different? I tried some things like ctrl+click to click on multiple boxes but it did not work.

JL Park says:

Excellent tutorial

sheresalia says:

Note: You can auto format contents to fit in a cell / table by being in the “Home” tab and on the far right it says “Formatting”. In the pull down select “auto width”.

taleemulhaq says:

I have excel 2017 and at minute 13:32 you show all the formulas applied and i wanted to ask, I am unable to process =SUM(product(f4:f5)+quotient(E5:E6)). Whenever I put it in, I get a message error. Can you please advise? it it for Excel 2017. Thank you

Together We Excel says:

Did you just say SubjectMoney channel? Nice video and great voice.

Aryeh Hirsch says:

Hey great video 2 years later and youre still educating people on the basics.

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