Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial for Beginners Part 1 Full Intro Learn How to Use Excel 2016

Excel 2016 Tutorial for beginners
This is a Microsoft Excel 2016 Full Tutorial for beginners & intermediate users.In this crash course Excel video tutorial you will learn how to use Excel 2016 formulas and functions, Excel 2016 new features, Excel 2016 Charts along with many other necessary features that you must know how to use when using Excel 2016.

1:38 The Excel Ribbon
2:10 Ribbon Groups and Commands in Excel 2016
2:30 Data Entry in Microsoft Excel
3:08 How to enter data in to a cell in Excel
3:22 How to enter data into the formula bar in Excel
3:50 How to Navigate through Microsoft Excel
4:24 How to navigate and select cells in Excel with keyboard
8:01 Autofill in Excel 2016
9:15 Autocomplete in Excel 2016
10:32 How to zoom in and zoom out Excel 2016
10:50 Formulas & Functions Tutorial in Microsoft Excel 2016
11:25 Addition in Excel
13:04 Autosum Function in Excel
14:03 The Sum Function in Excel 2016
15:45 Subtraction in Microsoft Excel
16:12 Multiplication in Excel 2016
17:15 The Product Funtion/Formula in Microsoft Excel
17:44 How to Find/Search for a function in Excel using the insert function command in the Function Lirbrary
19:29 Division in Microsoft Excel
19:46 the Quotient Function in Excel
21:25 Exponential formulas in Excel
22:20 Concatenation in Excel
23:06 Logical Comparison in Excel
23:08 Equal to logical comparison in Excel
24:17 Logical Comparison Greater Than in Excel
24:36 Less Than Logical Comparison
24:58 Greater than or equal to
25:42 Not Equal to Excel 2016
26:14 Combining Formulas and Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016
29:18 Cell Reference Tutorial in Microsoft Excel
29:57 Types of cell reference in Excel
30:07 Relative Cell Reference in Excel 2016
32:04 Using Autofill for formulas and cell reference
32:25 Show formula in Excel 2016
33:15 Absolute cell reference in Excel 2016
33:10 How to lock cell reference
34:40 Mixed Cell Reference locking only the row or column
39:27 How to refer to cells in another worksheet in Excel
40:06 How to refer to another workbook in Excel
40:35 How to clear/remove/delet content in a cell
40:52 Autofill dates in Excel
41:15 How to delete a row or column in Excel
46:36 How to style and Excel worksheet
46:50 How to format numbers in Excel
47:50 increase of decrease decimals in Excel
48:54 How to format dates in Excel (short date, long date)
40:32 How to resize cells columns and rows in Excel
50:35 the Today function in Excel Today()
51:54 Formattin and styling cells in Excel
52:05 How to add color fill in Excel
52:55 How to add borders in Excel
53:44 How to copy and paste a range of cells in Excel
54:23 Cell Styles in Excel 2016
55:27 Text direction and how to angle diagnal text content and numbers in Excel
57:00 How to Merge cells in Excel
57:53 Merge across in Excel
58:18 Change height or width of cell in Excel
58:49 Font Style in Excel
1:01:37 content alignment in Excel
1:02:20 Conditional Formatting in Excel 2016


Allison Mintz says:

Do you have one for Excel users whom use Mac? This is great!

inquisitive says:

what are these diff version of excel ..which one should i learn or all are similar

Milford Cubicle says:

Thanks for this great tutorial. Great pace.

Daniel Mori says:

I found this very helpful!

Sesesn Almanac says:

Thank you for this tutorial!!

Janie Edgens says:

Thank you, I needed this for my Educational Research class! This is great! 🙂

Vineet Chaudhary says:

Thanks…for sharing wonderful video…for beginners learning…:) keep sharing more videos…I have watched both of you videos i.e. part 1 $ 2 completely…if there are more videos…please share the link…Thanks 🙂

Jealous Lawn Care says:

Nice organization of topics / timing splits in the desc

Charles Owens Sr says:

Thank you so helpful

French LaHaie says:

OK so this is “Beginning” Excel? Really? You have boxes made without teaching how to make them. I kind of think that is where you should have started.

Yılmaz DALKIRAN says:

Watch’d all of them. Very informative video. Thank you!

Stacy Cole says:

Good info, thank you so much!!!

Vincent Okeke says:

Hello, can i please get your email address? Thank you.

freddie sims says:

Thank You!!!

MeAndMyself says:

where to get all of the tables you provided on the video?

JeskeyRC says:

thank you!!

Alex Townend says:

I got lost at cell forumla’s

Candace Davis says:

I have to take some assessment tests, and I really appreciate how you’ve explained it all; I find Excel intimidating as all hell, so this is a great tool, thank you.

vishnu rajan says:

this video helped me a lot as beginner in excel. Loking forward to part 2. good work

Flor Quindemil says:

Thank you. Your presentation was outstanding and easy to follow. Very clear and useful information.

Cvwmdaniella bullon says:


Felisa Davis says:

Can I send SMS to send customize text.

yam anir says:

thanks… 🙂
this is helpful…
keep it up… 🙂

Sonya Corera says:

This was a very good tutorial. What would make it even better is if the author could provide practice sheets for the viewer to follow along with 🙂

Aria Geo says:

thank you 🙂

Analia Lang says:

This was easy and clear to follow. His voice was nice and exciting; thanks for this tutorial.

anwahs says:

I find this way too fast and chaotic. Too much info too fast, it doesn’t help a beginner at all


Thank you!

Mac2point1 says:

slow but helpful

Palpatine The Duke says:

Even better than the real thing.

Yılmaz DALKIRAN says:

2:51 It’s written *Types of Date* as a heading of table. Mustn’t it be “Types of Data”?

Cvwmdaniella bullon says:


Wasan WesoOo says:

Alexander Vines says:

Very helpful although when I first started the video your voice reminded me of a character on Silicon Valley. So after I went and watched the newest episode of that, I came back and found your video really informative. Thanks for the post.

Navid Soroush says:

How can I download this template?

SID khan says:


Adi Cara says:

This is a great tutorial for anyone new to Excel. I appreciate the patience with which he is teaching.

Lise Mitchell says:

Very difficult to understand. About 25 minutes in it went WAY beyond beginner.

Lise Mitchell says:

I can’t get off the first page! What did you do to auto fill that you did not include in the instructions? It doesn’t work!

Blu Skin Care, LLC says:

I think I need an excel tutorial for “dummy’s”! LOL! Thanks for the upload though

Liza Ayach says:

The f4 button is not applicable on my PC to lock in the absolute reference. Any other and quicker option than doing it manually? I’d appreciate your reply. Thanks.

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