Microsoft Excel Inventory (Simple) This video will show you the steps to creating a simple product inventory using Microsoft Excel. We begin by listing the products by name. Then we enumerate each product (how many we have made). Then We can add dates for each occasion that we sell product. We then use the Excel AutoSum feature to add up all the product we have sold. The video will also show us how to use the AutoFill function. Then finally we will learn how to subtract products sold from our original production run to give us a running total of remaining stock. Hope you find this helpful.


abraham bayona says:

Thanks for sharing!

Jeovel Usita says:

This is very helpful.. but if i’de like to add more product where can i be add..

weapongotbullet says:

Very nice. Thank you!

Melisa Authencia says:

How does jus billing work

Jordan C.D says:

Thanks for posting.

vin says:

Very good sample thanks

Md. Emraan Chawdhary says:

Thanks for your this video.

Catherine Snyder says:

Oh, I hateee Excel! People need to stop beating their heads against the wall- there are way better options nowadays! I just started using Sortly Pro and it has been awesome. It really couldn’t be easier. I uploaded my spreadsheets in a CSV template they have and it was all set to go!



Kazen Ong says:

Ohhh yeahh! Nice 🙂 i will try it. Great video bro

naresh kumar says:

i am very much glad to learn ur simple excel spread sheet

kmckeown84 says:

What if you make more of products a. And you add 10 more. So now your back yo 10 made. But it would still be 0? Because of the formula. ???

The RVG Fam says:

Question. Once you run out of inventory and REMAINING becomes “0”, when I go to purchase more of the Product, do I insert the amount under MADE once again for that column?

Frugal Tinkerer says:

Excellent teaching video.. Thanks

Shelly Alibang Bang says:

short video and direct to the point ! you r life saver

scooter56tuna says:

Not in your class but this was very helpful. What happens when you build more of each product?

Md Mozammel Haque says:

very very easy..very simple,, this is not a inventory system for all or hard work.

Onesinho Onesinho says:

thank you very i really appreciate your work keep it further by sharing your knowledge with us

Michał Piskorski says:

Can I do that but including barcodes ??

vivek singh says:

its realy helpful. I have simple question likeif I’m purchasing product A in middle of a month then how we have to calculate closing stock?????

elvis pressedtalot says:

hello .. if you still do examples. … can you do a A-B-C-D .=A 3-43 with 40 random names. B-30=B3-33 etc…, C-54, D-23 . and have on the same spread sheet . and a place to type in names .. to Highlight . the list i created. . tryna have 1 place to type names to highlight each section/row/column. .like .. jesus is on D and . God is on A . but to have the one area used for it? example names were a moments notice 😉 . please and thank you

Jesse buckland says:

Is there a way to assign a text to a dollar amount? example, Can I enter in a ZC and have it always add up to 17 dollars? That way any time I type that in along with other codes will total up the dollar amounts? Im very new at all this and hope my question made sense.

Basically I get paid in piece work and would like to add all the pay codes daily to make sure I am getting paid properly. Jobs will have Multiple paycodes and usually 5-6 jobs aday. I would like to make an inventory of codes that when all entered into a cell they will give me a total dollar amount

Shawn Startup says:

This Example was EXACTLY what I looking to Create! 🙂 THANKS!!!
I’m a Alarm contractor and as such I need a simple easy way to keep track daily of all parts I use to make it easy to restock at the end of each week. Awesome! I’ve never had a reason to learn or use Excel or Spreed Sheets, until now. You Rock! :)))

kiran rayan says:

very help full

zaid aurich says:

Thank you very much

JW says:

is this like a point of sale?

Deepak Singh says:




kadaj43 says:

Thanks very helpful…

Domingo Salandanan says:

can kindly study…


The easiest tutorial to follow, with the calmest, most re-assuring tutor! Thank you =)

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