Microsoft Excel Overview for Beginners Tutorial – Excel 2003, 2007, 2010

This tutorial is a brief overview of Microsoft Excel and a few of its basic functionalities. This video is intended for people that know a little about computers but are just trying to get their hands into Excel or any other spreadsheet creation software. I hope it helps.


TheOnce4ever says:

I was thinking that im the only one who doesn’t know how to used Excel
im struggling now to do my work
so I remember youtube and yeah im here searching for it
I need to do it or my lecture will kick me out of the class
thanks a lot
love you

Prakash Deshpande says:

Thank you very much for very user friendly presentation

Lions Loyal says:

Thank you so much! Defiantly going to check out your other videos. This has already helped =) A lot of vacancy’s request being able to use Excel so hopefully I’ll be up to speed soon.

wknxdude725 says:

Thanks for doing this!

Rob Castle says:

Great, thanks jon

Li Li says:

Thank you so much! The way you describe how to use basic excel is very simple and interesting. Wish you have more tutorials for little further excel.

vijin thomas says:

Thank you

cito aguilar says:

Thank You,,!!!!

Julie Jules says:

Thankyou so very much for this tutorial.I have been doing an online course through Leap Training & they only touched on Excel. I still felt a tad intimidated by this program, so thank you this has helped provide some excellent help for me to practice & makes more sense to me now. Thankyou to wonderful teachers such as yourself. 🙂

Pamela Bond says:

thumbs up

Mark Donovan says:

Thank you SO much…this was a fantastic help!!!!!!!!!

Rahima Hoque says:

it is hellpfu

David LeCross says:

great stuff! to the point! No BS!

Bozlur Rahman says:

i like it

JustThatMatt says:


Kinza farha says:


Ruth Fuentes says:

Awesome video

Shikhar Agrawal says:

hey can u show how to create a chart………thnx

TheDark Knut says:

Very nice and helpful video! Thank you. 🙂

wknxdude725 says:

Thanks alot for this!

Nicole Atkinson says:

thankyou for basicly saving me $120 that I was about to pay to take a beginners course at the local community college!! This info was exactly enough to do what I needed to do and very easy to understand!

Waleed Tawfik says:

very useful and helpfil , thank you ..

Dwayne Babb says:

Very Good Tutorial. Made Simple and easy to understand.

Kashif Zaki says:

Thumbs up for the video. 🙂

ty mccabe says:

Hello I just wanted to say your video helped me out with a class assignment you explained everything about Excel very well! Thank you so much for posting your video. =)

Meow minx says:

Thank you for this tutorial. I am currently studying a mathematics teaching course and I actually dread using Excel! I hope that I will be able to use it after I watch more tutorial videos so I wouldn’t keep asking my husband for help!

Rizea Alexandru says:

great tutorial !

elly may says:

extremely helpful – thank you so much for putting this up 🙂

ladybrnlocks says:

thank you very much very helpful

jadecadence says:

How did you make that green sphere cursor like that please? 😀

Jiz Wiz says:

Thank you so much for this! This helped me so much! Bless You! 🙂

Missy Gracie says:

Hi, TheONce4ever,

you are not alone! I feel bad, that I do not know these software that well. It appears all the promising positions now are requesting this. Something I did try to learn, but at the job I had at the time, they didn’t want to pay for it 🙁 at an University by the way, well, I’m now behind, so working to learn it for the new job prospects I’m acquiring want this, so best to you as well. I hope everything went/is going well in ur class,I struggled last now learning it.

Suspect Shot87 says:

Thanks ford the help Jon!

mamaquilter says:

Thank you! very helpful!

Cavalli says:

Thank u so much this really helped me in so many much ways omg I’m so happy that I’d learned this tutorial

Jennifer Dring says:

Good video.  Good starting point. I am going to watch your other videos.

Mari Sol says:

Very helpful, thank you!

Maria Valdez says:

Thank you so much. I have an interview and I found out that the manager is going to ask me to explain how to use excel. I haven’t used it in such a long time, but your video refreshed my memory.

adelat084 says:

This was an amazing tutorial thank you I wish you did more 🙂

Marilyn Johnson,ND says:

Now I would like to know how to put in different sizes and prices of lemonade for example. small at $1.00, medium at $2.00 and large at $3.00 and how many I would need to sell if I wanted to make a 100,000 a year selling lemonade. You may have already made this one, if so, please let me know. I will continue to look. Thank you very much.

Peg Coleman says:

REALLY impressed with the way you clearly present and teach. Wish I could have you for all the programs I want to learn. THANKS

Gustavo Lopez says:

I just want to say Thank you so much !!!

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