Microsoft Excel training for beginners. Excel made easy.

Microsoft excel is an amazing program that you can use for many many different things. Accounting / calculations / reports and so on. here i show you how simple this is to use.


Anil Bhardwaj says:

nice job excel made easy

Hazel P says:

Very easy to follow, and though I’ve been using Excel for quite a few years I picked up some really useful tips and shortcuts – Many thanks for sharing this.

Alina Niculescu says:

Great job! I would like to add something for the VLOOKUP function:
For Range_lookup you can type either “True”/”1” or “False”/”0”. If you type “False”/”0″ it searches an exact match (eg.”ABD007″=”ABD007”) but if you type “True”/”1” it also searches close matches (eg. “ABD007″=”ABD007.”)

Jithender Reddy says:

Very helpful in understanding the basics of Excel. Thanks.

Commie Killa says:

complete waste of mental energy, an insult to intellectual faculties

Meurig Rowlands says:

It’s Microsoft Excel

Meurig Rowlands says:

Your welcome

Delicious recipe says:

from where we can get this things which u copied
plzz show us i am unable to find it

website one says: microsoft setup and product key


I am a beginner and you have made it very clear to understand – Thank you

Meurig Rowlands says:

Ah sorry don’t you have Microsoft Excel on your computer? If not you will be need to purchase Microsoft office

Meurig Rowlands says:

You can’t mate sorry, they are long gone. You will need to compile your own data. Sorry

kumar pankaj says:

Veer very good and helpful for the understanding the basic and advance knowledge about excel realy thanks 

Edith Cabrera says:

Thank you for showing this video. I enjoyed and learned a lot in such a short time.

Tejashav Gautam says:

hindi me na dal sake

Caleb Olson says:

slurp, click, noice

Meurig Rowlands says:

You just open a new sheet and type in what I typed. Good luck

Excel Gyan says:

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Suraka Abdallah says:


Billy Carter says:


Al-Noor Hotel&Hafeez Banquet Hall says:

thanks for ur help bro really appreciate it chuti

Meurig Rowlands says:


Annette Judd says:

Thank you. This was really helpful. Enjoyed the basics along with the finer little quirks.

Patricia Garcia-Martinez says:

Thank you for your video. I think you should go over everything not just some.

DeeLite says:

“I just want to print all the other garbage in the area…..” Garbage, indeed.

jeffrey boopathy says:

how can i find the things that you copied and pasted

mel dizon says:

Thank you for sharing!

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