Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #1 – Overview

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This tutorial: A quick look at setting up a simple spreadsheet in Excel complete with a chart. More tutorials to follow that will go into more detail on how to use the different features of MS Excel.


Pushpendra Kumar says:


Abdul Haq Reza-ul-Haq says:


ronzuislam islam says:

tanks bro


Can I get a HOUUUOAAAAA!?!?

Randdom says:

Windows XP confirmed.

On Rail says:

Now I bet a lot money on Horse betting. I think I need some excel formula where I can do some statistik. Now first of all I need to know horses that ended on 1 2 3 place. offcourse there is mutch other information that is good to know like speed of the horse and the horse driver winning stat. there is also some stat needed for age homeplace km far horsd travel. there is a lot information to watch on to win huge money!

Roby1151 says:

thank you very much, excellent explanation

Rebeka Sosa says:

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Practical Excel says:

Nice job! Very helpful and I love your larger, HD look.

Margaret Verburg says:

Can. Do this on iPad.

Ryan A says:

Instructions unclear, my genitals are stuck in my microwave.

Michael Jackson says:

Microsoft Excel is pretty cool

Abhishek Babbar Babbar says:

Thank you so much for this video…. This is very helpful.

On Rail says:

you are really good. now I I just manage to create my first basic formula thanks to you. unfortunately it is for work case but still this is going to open my curiosity!

shahminhajuddin says:

thanks man ! thumbs up from me !!

wpick says:


Rodd Amos says:

We appreciate this tutorial. It is quite basic, yet offers practical information to those who have never devised a ledger. Further, we recommend it to anyone employed, or seeking employment, in the 21st century workforce. Good show.

keisha alleiah catague says:

Thank you!

Priya John says:

very useful for the beginners

Pratik Angawalkar says:

Thank you

Baraka Shala says:

Thanks so much

Saved by Grace through Faith says:

MotionTraining thankyou for posting these tutorials. How do i get the AutoSum button back on my menu(top of screen)?

Jonathan Millazzo says:

typeing so slow nerd

As an Accountant says:

Good tutorial

t steward says:

Thank you

Jean Abbott says:

Ok I know it’s 2018 but you just safed me for my Excel Test that I’m going to do today. THANKS!!!

supersqueak says:

Why didn’t i look this up sooner?

Norazura Mohd Lizam says:

Thank you so much. Lot of love for u : )

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Andrea De Gouveia says:

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Chola Lukwesa says:

Soon as i started watching, i included it in my CV. Well explained

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Tanumay Chakraborty says:

Its a really good tutorials, I am thankful to the creator of this video

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Ranjeet pal Kumar says:

ranjeet pal

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Rap Mabz says:

got a office job interview tomorrow! gotta learn this quick hahaha

Abdurahman Palliveettil says:

Easy to follow. Your voice is very clear. Thank you for posting

Rajveer Singh Dhillon says:

very nice and clear information thanks 🙂

ExcelBeginners says:

that’s great. Thank you

Together We Excel says:

Great video! Keep them coming.

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