Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #25 – Database Pt.1 – Create Lists

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In tutorial #25 learn how to build lists (also know as tables or database) in Excel.

More tutorials soon.


tonish776 says:

thank sir this tutorial help a lot..thanks again.

miss Hannah S says:

ACE !! thank you x

BetrayedSyria says:

Completely perfect teaching , Thank you

Mercedes Aizprúa says:

Im loving this, I hated excel, thanks to you I find excel easy and fun now, THANK YOU!

krismaly says:

I enjoyed video. Do you have any video showing connecting to Oracle database and retrieving data and updating?

Premabast93 says:

That roll effect at 10:56 is well cool.  🙂

Gee Kay says:

how can i remove the the formatting that has been formatted in advance from excel 2007? thanks

Monika Adams says:


Selmah Beere says:

This the best Excel training for beginners like me.  Better than other training offered by other companies.

Ceein Cee says:

Learned more in this video than I did throughout my 5 years of high school. Thanks to youtube and people like you who are willing to share their knowledge in such layman terms. 

Beatstruggles says:

Check the video at 13:38!

Ashish Rawat says:

You are the Best !

Maria Tesolin says:

excellent explanations and great examples.

Dome Shot says:

I really enjoyed learning what I didn’t already know. When adding the dates into the G column, would it have been easier to make a cell with that days current date (for example – D1) and then have each G cell have a formula of something like =D1+3? That way you wouldn’t have to do what you were doing each time. I was just curious.

Ephraim Warria says:

Educational tutorial, this has help me a lot.Many thanks to you.

purpleplush19 says:

No Tutorial has ever been this clear and helpful! Thank you kind sir!!

AZiaticILLmatic says:

i watch these for fun lol

Angela Udechukwu says:

Thank you so much. I have never used Excel and you made it so very easy for me to learn. God Bless you…

Erisa musanje says:

very helpful thank you for teaching

Michel Peres says:

Thank you so much for this series of tutorials!

Leif Causey says:

“MotionTraining” = Best Excel Tutorials on Youtube.
A new equation I discovered.

Leif Causey says:

@lcausey007 equality*

Sandrine Massenet Lilley says:

Very well explained. Thank you.

Beatstruggles says:

Hey thanks, solid break down, in depth, and very clear!

Steph B says:

I have Excel 2007, but my “header” looks different than the one in your video. I like yours better — shows more buttons. Can you tell me how to do that?

Angela Udechukwu says:

Question, If I come back to the list and want to add more data, how would I accomplish this please. For example, lets say I’m keeping everything alphabetized and I come across another item that needs to go in the C’s, how would I accomplish that? Thanks in advance for your assistance. God Bless.

70MrKitty says:

guess who likes yellow!!! hehe, just kidding. your tutorials are just magnificent, I wouldnt be surprised if you were a teacher. you SHOULD be a teacher. but it is your choice, and you decide what you want to be. 😀

ThatsPart OfMyPlan says:

Very nice and interesting video. Great presentation. A big well done to the presenter. If I may, I would like to share some things which might help.

3:22 Since all returns will be in 3 days, rather than entering 3 in the formula, the number 3 is entered in cell G3. The formula instead of =B5+3 make it =B5+$G$3. You’ll understand how this is better as continue to read.

5:05 All you have to do is instead of Control ‘ (apostrophe) make it Control d  (Press control and the letter d. This copies the cell above and no need to press “enter” every time. (This is also good for when “Blu Ray was copied”. Also no adjustments to the formula are needed with control d.

In addition to this, if you decide to change from 3 days to receive the dvd back, to 4 days or 7 days etc, just change the number in G3 and they will all change. This will save from going through all the formulas to change each one of them. 

Gorden Gekko says:

Thankyou sir, you are very helpful.

2nuckinfuts says:

Excellent tutorial, very clear and helpful, many thanks.

Sahil Ahuja says:

God Knows Motion Training doesn’t deserve a “Thumbs Down” Button till the time you’ll be training.


Zaw Myoko says:

i got it your help . thanks so much

Curtisr Ramsaroop says:

i luv youtube..and i appreciate all those who offer their services unselfishly……thanks for contributions .

Gee Kay says:

thanks loads x

Maxx Fordham! says:

LOL, Tom was instructed to return Star Wars on May 4th — “May the ‘For(c)th(e)’ (lisp) be With You” Day! (He should have *rented* it on that day.) Did you make that connection on purpose?

Meryem 95 says:

Dziękuję za wideo.

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