MS Excel 2013 Tutorial FOR BEGINNERS PART 1 – How to use Excel – formulas, charts, tables

Excel Tutorial Excel Tutorial This is an Excel 2013 Tutorial for beginners that covers the 10 most basic things you must know about Microsoft Excel. In this tutorial I introduce you to Excel showing you the different parts of Excel how to navigate in excel, insert formulas, functions, select cells, make charts and graphs, cell reference, worksheet operations and worksheet reference and how to print and prepare your file to print using page layout. In this Excel for beginners tutorial I only introduce these features however it is up to you to become proficient in excel by practice. This tutorial will work for Microsoft Excel 2007 Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2013.

How to navigate Excel
Excel workbooks
Excel worksheets
Excel Ribbon
Excel Commands
Shortcut menu
Data Entry
Formatting Numbers
Formatting Cells
Formatting Text
Excel formulas
Excel functions
Excel Charts
Excel Tables
Types of Data
Merge Cells
Cell Alignment
Conditional Formatting
Add New Columns
Delete Columns
Add Rows
Delete Rows
Add new Worksheets
Remove Worksheets
Name Worksheets
Saving Excel files
Print in Excel
Page Layout
Selecting Cells
Cell ranges
Cell reference
Function arguments
Formula arguments
Shortcut menu
Copy and paste
Excel templates


Meda Musafiri says:


Sandy Santiago says:

Soo today at work I had to make a table, and i tried the month feature it didn’t work for me? Also my boss told me to flip the table horizontally to occupy the whole sheet, and i tried the flip option under “format” it didn’t work I tried “f11′ to adjust the sheet to landscape but it didn’t work!! help please!

samah ahmad says:

So clear and beneficial, thank you so much.

Angela Lim says:

Thank you so much!! I was completely clueless about Excel and this 1-hour tutorial was exactly what I needed! I’m actually so excited to try this out now! :’)

Raymond Nunez says:

Codebook in Excel 2013?? where is it located?

Bob Burnitt says:

How in the Goddamned HELL do you get it to PRINT the GRIDLINES??  I ahve “Print Gridlines CHECK EVERYWHERE I CAN FIND IT, but it WON”T print the frigging GRIDLINES<> I must have the Gridlines all over the page every time I print whether there is any data in the boxes or not.  I have had this DIRTY ROTTTEN SONUVABITCH for TWO MONTHS and I cannot gt it to print the GRIDLINES??  BB

Gen3Benz says:

February….damn, you taught me how to spell it too!

Pamela Jones says:

Awsome, thanks for the recap

New Natural says:

Very helpful. Thanks so much

noker says:

What program did you use to record these?

kik monton says:

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eisenhower Matoto says:

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Inang Mundo says:

how do you separate the street address from the city, state zipcode which is in one column? to

Binary Void says:

Almond or Vagina?

Coop Ryan says:

Thanks. Watching all of em.. statistic class. Banging my head..

Grayson Moore says:

way too descriptive

ex-muslim Atheist Rebel says:

not zoom in enough

Miguel Cruz says:

I learned a lot with these videos, thanks for all the information.

t0xar1s says:

is it application or a program ?

Bckns Mapping says:

i like trains

Ray Munoz says:

Thank you.

Sayema Zaman says:
Szabics Varga says:

help me for me doesn t recognise the months name

Safa Mar says:

Hi could you please tell me where can I find NEW FROM EXISTING to open a template that I created earlier
Thank you

Debbie Campbell says:

Thank you for your help . I feel like people think I’m from the stone age if you can’t do a spreadsheet 

chackk12 says:

Thanks a lot for the tutorials.

Aditi1605 says:

Your voice is similar to that of Salman Khan

Mary Norris-Johnson says:

I have lost the Formula  bar  (the tasks above the Header where you enter the formulas) I have the earliest version of Excel).

Bone Man says:

You sound like Castiel from Supernatural.

Jade Brugiroux says:

This is fucking stupid

Ruzaini Roosfa says:


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