Tutorial – Excel 2010 – 10 Things you must know

Tutorial explaining 10 of the most common must-know features in Microsoft Excel 2010, Excel is used world-wide and this tutorial shows slightly beyond the basics in a simple way of understanding how to preform great tasks.

My second video, 10 More things you must know in Excel can be seen here: http://youtu.be/LsLLPC00I8M


Millie Reynoso says:

why is hes voice kinda sexy to me

Icon R says:

thanks to you a lot.. 🙂

User . Meme says:

nice dune very nice im from boiland tankg you

Cainy Tshuma Evado says:

waaal ..fantastic tutorials but I would like it better if you increase volume on your recordings but I really appreciate that ..you are great

Zelda Haro says:


Shreda125 Hilx says:

For the last point you could discuss absolute and relative referencing (: just an idea. Nice tutorial mate

zebi khan says:

Thankyou for you information

Laveda Le'Sure says:


Scipionyxsam says:

Why does it display 19xx when you subtract some past from today’s date? 2011 – 1982 should be 29, not 1929.

Ahmed elmarhomy says:

thank you so much

Makis jeremiah says:

It is very nice teaching with best teacher, I appreciate it. Congratulation to all who prepared these tutorials it’s very helpfull.Thank u.

Janfrederik Van den Berg says:

12:58 sounds like you said “we have so much nazi’s in here” 😀

Diana Colon says:

Thank you for your tutorial it means a lot to people like me that are new and are hesitant to taking that first step in learning Excel because of lack of knowledge.

Cainy Tshuma Evado says:

waaal ..fantastic tutorials but I would like it better if you increase volume on your recordings but I really appreciate that ..you are great

XxDanShadoWxX says:

Very helpful and informative.Thank you!

Gabriel Ferreira says:

concatenation, good topic!

King Nour says:


Rose Githemo says:

Helpful….thank you

lovely grace dumlao says:

how to add the “analyze” tab to the ribbon?

Chico Latta says:

i cant thank you enough , you really helped me save a lot of valuable time just with the ” Basic math ” , i did really complicated equations like ( =C2*G2*10%+A2*G2*10% ) , i used to do all that by hand and now i did it in 5 mins
Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

William Fitch says:

Ace! Thanks

Manny Isaacs says:

I am now starting to have interest in this…

Jalal rk says:

this is helpful, thanks

Curious Cat 77 says:

LOLsex instead of six never a boring moment, I already suscribed.

sergio hanna says:

perfect, tyvm!

Jealous Lawn Care says:

Good starting point for Excel users!

ahmed majid says:

thank you

Tennis Fan says:

what is the best excel version to use now?

Udai Joshi says:

Thank you!

keren Eini says:


Kry Kry says:

great tutorial but please have the volume up to be louder or speak louder and less fast there were lots of bits where it sounded like cluttered muttering. other then that, brilliant tutorial!

Tamara D. says:

thank you.

Patricia Chilton says:

Great voice. Good refresher for me, AND learned something new (#8-concotanating). Thank you!

Dariyan Oremari says:

Hi there, may I ask you a question about an excel, I have written a question for you. I don’t know how to solve it, would you please solve this for me and send it back to me with a correct solution…..regards

here is the question:

Please prepare a staff database on excel based on the information below:
Key information:
• headings should include –staff number, staff name, contract start date, contract end date, monthly gross salary, job tittle, monthly deduction, Net pay
• The program started in January 1,2015
• All staff gets a deduction of 15% from their salary for tax payment
1-Mario was hired as a Driver on April 1, 2015 for a year, gross salary is 500$ per month.
2-Barbie is a Cook/Cleaner with a contract starting April 1, 2015 and will end in December 31, 2015 she is paid $650 per month.
3-Rudolf (Logistic Officer), Barney (Finance Officer) and Dora (Admin Assistant) were hired at the start of the program with a 1 year contract with the following gross salary:

Abigail Banya says:

Great touch up and easy to understand. Thank you.

Elvira Elfimova says:

thank you !

Elizabeth Wilburn says:

This was a great video! You explained everything so well. I got online to look for a refresher video and yours definitely did the trick. Thank you so much!

Tracy Ann says:

Very easy and helpful. Thank you!

Vukani Jere says:

its good for those wanting to learn how to use excel

Toby Bennett says:

helpful, thanks man

Pose ton Gun says:

sir you saved me on my exam thank you !

Anshuman Sinha says:

You’re amazing…from a novice, I’m now a pro :))

P.S. Please consider speaking louder for your future videos 🙂

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