1 – PowerPoint 2010 Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in 60mins. Eight Part Video Course. Topics include creating slides, working with layouts, changing your presentations background design, adding text and images and setting up tables of information and conclude with showing you how to setup slide transitions and animation effects.


Baking says:

Nice video thanks bro

Benin Miss B says:

Many thanks Sir.


Thank you..:)

PansyDaisyDog says:

This is fantastic. Great Job!

arny660 says:

Excellent. Thank you!

William Morgan says:

Great Presentation Fast moving and direct. Thank You

monsterjazzlicks says:

superb !!

Alicia Turner says:

great video. very informative

bonjovi1113 says:

Good, clear, concise.

theoriginalsafinette says:

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Dj Dory szdfghjklș says:


keevman93 says:

Very clean and clear easily understandable

naturally light says:

OMG! thank you so much for doing such a wonderful well explained course! I got it and Im gone.

Creative Presentation Ideas by infoDiagram says:

Nice video!

Kris Koog says:

This guy sounds like Ron Paul.

Prateek Kumar says:

thank you!

Simon Ashworth says:

Very good introduction to PowerPoint. Thank you.

tacos900 says:

you are the BEST. you showed me how to do stuff that i was stuck on for an hour trying to figure it out

Teren Paul says:

dont yall forget to check out my videos!!!!!

James Sutton says:

When I discovered it I worked it out myself but thanks anyway!

Dokkum says:

this isnt helpfull at all!!
i thought this was how to let a powerpoint crash!!!
i have to know how to let it crash!!

Jack Hayes says:

You’re a lifesaver bro!

spyder5oh says:

Very Helpful.
Thank you for a great presentation and sharing with the public.

heismyhightower says:

I do hope you can help I’m getting at my wits end here
I opened my PP2010 & wanted to start to do a presentation
I have a problem being able to type, every time I bring up a Blank slide & hit a key to start typing a chime rings & it will not let me type anything
The weird thing is that when I use those arranged slides for titles etc. it allows me to type . I’ve already did 2 successfully in the past. Do you have any ideas?

I am new at this. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

deepak joshi says:

very helpful……thanks!

kddesgin says:

Great info thanks

Wojtek Ulak says:

I remember using these programs at school 

Claudiu Nichita says:

Great presentation. Thanks !

Baking says:

OMG, it was so helpful, THANK YOU VERY MUCH 🙂

Teren Paul says:

ooo my yall did a great job i think i acually know how to use a power point my whole entire class watched this and we are now each doinng a power point

Chibson Chibuzo says:

awesome presentations, great move


t.y. for the vid

Cheryl Baxter says:

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me.  I believe I just might be able to do a PowerPoint Presentation. 

Yashar Arafad says:

yaaa goood

Macade White says:

If you can’t figure it out on your own, then yes.

Gabriel Sears says:

i hate this video it sucks i all ready know how to use this shit  

Hooked on learning says:

Thank you, really helpful!

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