Advanced PowerPoint Skills Demo

[ Warning: This is REALLY fast, just to show that it ‘can’ be done. I’m hoping to divide it up into individual skills for publication late summer 2018. ]

Real-time, narrated screencast demonstration of using basic and advanced PowerPoint techniques to create an interactive, educational presentation, Tan Babies: Responding to Newborn Jaundice. Includes skills such as slide builds, YouTube videos with specified start and stop times, disappearing covers, special plotting and annotation skills, creating tabs, using shortcut keys, and more. These skills were taught as part of presentation SES062 at the 2017 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME 2017) conference. – disappearing covers template


lone rider says:

Your presentation was great, but your navigation was too quick, I had to pause and play to catch the steps. It was too fast.

aleksandra Lanecka says:

toooo fast!

Jason Carney says:

So many great ideas! I loved the point about asterisks turning into bullets. Also-I never though of animating the plot lines. Very effective!

Tas Rash says:

Amazing! Just what I needed! Please make more videos like this one.

Leonardo Petribú says:

Very good video!!

Sayondip Roy says:

Guys just slow down the video to .5x and everything is fine!

Biny Yawitz says:

you very good at what you do 🙂

Patrick47 says:

I do not want white background slides Eye fatique

Elizabeth Miller says:

This was great! I appreciate seeing some tutorials fast paced. If you are an intermediate excel user, this was a great intro to the possibilities you may open up by learning the next level of excel. I often find many tutorials are super slow and take up time that could be better spent on a fast video like this. I learned the options I have and can pause if I was unsure of the menu you used to find the setting I want. Thank you!

Maddy Harris says:

Typical DBPT!

Greeneva Labrado says:

Great video but there’s no consideration on pacing.

Chris Black says:

Way TOO fast to even be helpful!!!

Jenny Shea says:

Hi. This is very useful but it is now late winter 2018. Can you please slow it down so the rest of us non-super humans can follow along? Thanks!

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