How to Create Brilliant Dashboard in PowerPoint (PPT) : Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial



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About this video:
How to create dashboard in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. This video will help you learn the ppt dashboard templates. This video will help you in creating dashboard templates in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Okta Via says:

very fast!!!

Mac Hugo says:

Hi! I’m new to your channel and I’m amazed. This is exactly what I was looking for. Do you have an hour/s training video for all tips or can you make it for me so that I can only download one? Thanks a lot.

James Moss says:

Well done for making all that in PowerPoint! I think you would really love Microsoft Power BI, Google Data studio and Adobe Illustrator.

Ali Yalcin says:

This plus an automated excel data importer would be killer!

Richard Kohn says:

Hey – Thanks for your tutorial. My only comment is that it is a bit fast and hard to follow.

safwan abdullah says:

This is so amazing! Thank u for inspiring me. Keep up the good work.

Mark Richman says:

This is a mockup. Real dashboards require a data source.

Damian Duran says:

Hi, looks nice! How can I make this update from excel?

Sebastine Liu says:

Thank you for sharing this great video. This really is a very amazing how-to. Will try later.

Creative Venus says:

How to Create Brilliant Dashboard in PowerPoint (PPT) : Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial

culture G.E. says:

too fast to follow

Aman Yatim says:

just what I’ve been looking for!

Tapas Debnath says:


Vikas Sharma says:

How are you copy pasting 0:56 – 1:00?

Mumshad Mannambeth says:

Do you have any custom design services? Can we engage you?

Nirwan Shubhan says:

Wow, such a great video. But how you get the “free images” button in the insert tab? I need it. Thanks.

Michael Lefeld says:

Why on earth would you do this in powerpoint……

Scott Karstetter says:

This looks really great. But is it a dashboard? Not really. Unless I missed something. Dashboards should automatically update based on data changes. This is more like a mockup to create a dashboard.

Sidharth Arora says:

I love the end result, but this is so manual and very tedious to make, update every time.

pradeep parikirala says:

What is the software used to create it

edalarconreal says:

Great stuff! Thanks

Damian Martin says:

Icons?? How????? please!!!

The Office Lab says:

Great work & beautiful design!

I just recently implemented a PowerPoint dashboard and connected it to an Excel backend, which automatically updates the dashboard for every change in data. Worth a look.

Jeffry Jesus De La Rosa says:

Wowo Amazing Job

anil pad says:

Yes , please create a dashboard with auto Update on data changes ….

varinder beniwal says:

Your work is amazing. I never thought it is possible in powerpoint

Kishor Saiwankar says:

your video are very helpful to me. please suggest in my ppt i dont have Icon tab in Insert menu. please help to how to add it using MS-Office 16

Timon says:

Amzing but why would you want this?

Carolyn Law says:

This is so cool! Thanks!!

Salma Saeed says:

Hi thank you so much but can it be in slow steps please

Todd Starbuck says:

Thumbs down for lack of narration.

morgenohne sorgen says:

impressive design!

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