How to make a powerpoint animation : tutorial

If you have any tutorial requests just message me. Upload tutorial coming soon. 🙂

How to make a powerpoint animation using powerpoint how to upload a powerpoint animation cartoon tutorial


EvoLution - EvoTV says:

You have Sound like me

Aleksei Buivol says:


snoopy says:

*cough* command d *cough* EDIT: (duplicate)

Paulrick Polestico says:

I can make an animation now!

TheJonGlasses3245 says:

Not bad for just PowerPoint 2003 and Windows XP.

akau says:

This video is almost ancient Lol

Blue 1320 says:

this is so old it hurts

Pedro Ventura says:

great video! This was exactly what i wanted to do

Rhona Bungcaras says:

how to do an screen recording?is that an app?

CBF1 says:

That looks like a really old operating system!

Kate Styles says:

why do you sound like justin bieber ? lol

SeZithe says:


Yuliani 99000 says:

bsa jd inspirasi bru

Animation Point says:

Thank you for sharing this! It was very inspiring!

Katzen Spass says:


OdgeBodge says:


Amazing Jana says:

I thought I was The only one that did this!! I did a movie once out of that.

3TECH3 says:

nice video friend

Make & create says:

very cool video. I am impressed to see this video! Please come on my channel and give some suggestion about my powerpoint videos.

White_Birb says:

This is how u make terrible animation…. thank you???

momoleaon stickman says:

I seriously to my make yourself a PowerPoint Animate Previous to the season make sure be careful to the help trust my movie
hi I’m Steve Jervie Alex I manager of
Momoleaon Stickman
on specialist OK

BioWark says:

Oh fuck

Windows xp

Mark Khoo says:

watching in 2019

DumbSchoolKid says:

Okay, so i use the same technique but… dude… make the person walk like how a human does

Sarita Agrawal says:


AlexPlayZ - Minecraft and more says:


Starfire Phoenix says:

I used to make PowerPoint animations all the time in high school. Good times.

Monaemul Hauque Nadim says:

I was like , “Wowhhhhhh”

Rob Horgan says:

Which powerpoint is this?

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