How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint

Have you ever wanted to turn your presentation into a video so you could share it on Facebook, Youtube or other social media sites You’re in luck because in this short video I show you how.

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Janiza Bliss says:

Hi James, can I ask..I got an error message when I opened my saved video. It says, “Invalid registry value”.

Adrian Melero's says:

Thank you. I just finished publishing my powerpoint video for the first time on my YouTube channel thanks to the help of this presentation

Fredi Ven says:

thank you james for sharing this.

Romantic Hero says:

You said the audio is recorded independently for each slide. So what happens if you mess up what you are saying on a slide? Is it possible to re-record the audio for a single slide only without messing up the rest of the slides/presentation?

Marcos Bispo says:

Thank you!!!

MODERN SHAkesPeare says:


SG S says:

Needed to know whow to have me in the corner of it (video of me) while I narrate. Please advise.

Let's Play Sporcle says:

Is it possible to do this on the online version because I’m broke and can’t buy the app version?

emmanuella lanisha says:


Amir Razmi says:

perfect. thank you.
one more question: how you prepared a video from your desktop?

Carmen Walton says:

brilliant thanks

Bbstar says:

great tutorial

Gradient Travel says:

Great clear info

Schanizan Shamsuddin says:

Thank you James. That’s exactly what I’ve been searching for.


i can not … my file does not show option to export

nyo mie says:

Thank you

Amirah Mahmood says:

tq james for helping others.

Parmeet kumar mishra says:

Hindi me bolne me sharam aa raha h

Dame una Idea says:

Thanks! I am Johnny.

Claire Stubbs says:

Hi James, that was so clear and really accessible, thank you!

Claire Stubbs says:

I am on a mac too and when I export the video, there seems to be no sound. Any thoughts? Thank you 🙂

Scott Sutherland says:

What software did you use to record this video, including the screen going almost black and having the spot light?

The JoJo guy says:

So is it the same when you have transition animations and inserted web videos?

robpanel says:

Bla bla bla hahaha nice

Shankar Ji says:

Thank you !!!

Xyla Guelos says:

thanks James it helped me a lot 🙂

marsel egan says:


United World Care says:

Thank you. Very Useful Video. Short and fully explained.

itsforjulieee says:

thank you so much!!!

ulemper says:

For some reason powerpoint cant record any sounds from my mic. Any ideas? Its a youmic with the correct adapter.

Martin Kulik says:

what’s ur take on comparing powerpoint vs keynote on mac?

Organic Fitness says:

can you display a video in your powerpoint presentation slide as well?

Jayantajit Mohonta says:

Thank you. Very Useful

Loksabha Election says:

Hi, Thank you. That was an excellent idea.but I couldnt do it because I couldnt find MP4 in my export options

shazin khan says:

Thank u

IceAgePenguinRace says:

is there a way to automatically transition the slides without having to click the arrows?

Ish pat says:

such a great help your are:). explained in details and very informative. I am sure I’ll be able to do my assignment easily:D

Sindhu says:

Thank you. Clear

Victoria Adebayo says:

nice one.. please how do you put this in a training package and how do you locked it from being copied?

Diane Agoncillo says:

Hi James, i tried to do it in here, however, there is no MP4 or MOV option for me to select. How am I going to have that option. I am using MAC. Thanks in advance

Janiza Bliss says:

love it James..thank you 🙂

sarai nammur says:

Thank you. This was incredibly helpful!

Dame una Idea says:


K. I says:

Thanks so much for this

jackasin17 says:

this did not help

Mark Wolf says:

Thank you ..

Adriana Figueira says:

Thank you! You made it easy 🙂

Lilmusbi BabaNla says:

I am using power point 2016 but am unable to make the presentation into video, please what can i do?

Pamai Fita says:

Thank you for this information. Clear and easy to understand. But 1 question – how can I grap a clip from another video and add to my powerpoint?

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