How To Make Powerpoint Presentation Attractive

Ever want to make awesome Powerpoint Presentations to impress your boss or teacher? Well the solution is here folks. Today, I will show you the easiest way to create your very own nice personal slides for free!


sivakumar kale says:

Thank you!!!! Short and informative…

Dharmendra verma says:

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Raju Ahmed says:

Very helpful video. I am also help to create professional presentation . If anyone needs help please works here

Manu Singh says:

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Monaj Meena says:

Very helpful


Thanx sir

shaan singh says:



Amazing sir g please help me

Hunain Khan says:

Thanks A lot.

Dogs world says:


Wise Girl_02 says:

I needed to create a PowerPoint Presentation for my Science class about the Circulatory System. I’m quite young, so I didn’t know how to do it. This video helped me so much!
-much love, Wise_Girl02

Kiransankar Chakraborty says:

Which version are you working on

Kusum Aastha says:


Raj Pushpa says:


abraham sablada says:


abraham sablada says:


snazal singh says:


Bikram Malik says:


Ramdas Kumar says:

i want a presentation based on school.such as- 25 years of your school.

Ramdas Kumar says:

please do it

James McInnis says:

You lost me at “a attractive.”

D.C MGR says:


Sandesh Roy says:

plz add more animation

silent speaker says:

really simple but useful

Kaleem Khan says:

Slide show kar kay tou dikhai nahi.

Shreejay Fuke says:

Slide mein video dal sakte hai kya

sharada telkar says:

thanks for video

sattar shaikh says:

Nh ho Ra hai

1cjon2 says:

What son is that in he beginning

Galyen says:

Ty for the help thanks a lot

Uttra Mishra says:

What software is this?

Indu Bindra says:

Very good bhatti i am ujjwal

DJ BADAM Entertainment says:

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Jasbir Bhaati says:

Nice one

Physical education Exam preparation says:

nigga wuuutt? says:

“made by: your name”

it actually reminds me in anime kimi no nawa

ThatGuyzers says:

In my opinion, this is not really a helpful video (For Me Though). This is special for those who are only starting up on Powerpoint (Which I don’t really see these days) or do REALLY Crappy PPTs. I don’t really see myself using some of the tips here.

I have a few tips instead!

1. Use only one Transition for every slide. Too much can make the ppt look less attractive.

2. Use simple transtions. Avoid using 3D ones.

3. Use specific fonts for specific parts. Example, Impact for Titles, Roboto Bold for Context and Roboto Thin for Details

4. Use as less words as possible, but still giving out useful information. (Stay in less than 200 words)

5. Simplify paragraphs to a sentence.

6. When using Wikipedia Articles as Source (or long articles), break down the information to more slides. I recommend only having 2 sentences esch slide.

7. ONLY use images that relate to the topic. Avoid using wallpaper-related images and having little to no detailed images.

That’s just a few… Many more good channels offer tutorials for good ppts such as PowerpointSchool and Powerpoint Skills.

Aap Ki Ustaad says:

How to make professional video courses using powerpoint?

Haroun Jadalla says:

Thanks alot

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