Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [ 14 MINUTES! ]*

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Full Guide here:
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Antony Antoniou says:

Really useful, many thanks bai channel.

Mohamed Kamara says:

Can you make microsoft excel 2016 video plz

Benedicto Quijano says:

thank u

Handela Collazo says:

john f . kenedy

Jayce Infinite Al'gharhythmns says:

I actually appreciate this… it was a fairly decent explanation! Thanks!

Aradhana Karwa says:

show power point on windows 10 mobile version… please

Audrey Wilber says:

Is there any way to get the slideshow to run by itself? I created a Microsoft PowerPoint on my tablet and I don’t know how to get the slideshow to go by itself. I have to keep touching the screen. Also, how do you add music to the slideshow? Please respond as soon as you can-or anyone. Also, is any at all to make a slideshow into a YouTube video?

Prasannajit Sahoo says:


Jasmine Blaise says:

I like your presentation very much, but I do agree with another viewer’s comment that you move a bit too fast for beginners. Overall, great job and thank you!

fran baker says:

can’t understand voice

Unique Critic says:

Thank you so much i’m a first timer thanks!!!

HD Boy says:

vary nice

Grace Joubarne says:

Very nice, thank you. A bit fast for beginners, but very good nonetheless.

Shawn Hampton says:

Seriously- Thee accent fora EEnglish speeeker???  Wow!

Health and beauty tips with Sam says:

how apply sound to all slide at once and slide show autometically without touch n how upload on u tube

kishimoro says:

Кровь из ушей

Richard Munroe says:

Thank you Bai. I like your accent and the pace of the tutorial. I will be watching more of what you have to offer. You get a like and a subscribe from me. Thank you again from a student just learning power point again after 20 years. Ha, it’s changed a bit.

G Renganathan says:

Rip english joking

Sherry M says:


redwanulkarim ridoy says:

thanks indeed

Joseph Gamer says:


CpurrLuvs2PurrIs#Awesome At PvP lol says:

#Accent <- not a vid thing(Not making fun of you.)

Cristian Della Valle says:

how hot is cool

Viola Wu says:

are  you italian??

Julián Garzón says:

No se gusto porque no contiene los subtitulos en español.

Cristian Della Valle says:

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Cristian Della Valle says:

who had a good day at school

Axel Palmqvist says:


Cristian Della Valle says:


Olena Gres says:

sorry accent!!!!

James Perry says:

Lovely. I like the fluency. Great vid for beginners. Lots of info in just 14 mins. Thank u. Btw no prob with the english or speed.

CpurrLuvs2PurrIs#Awesome At PvP lol says:

lol ur voice

Luna Foxs says:

weird voice i dont like it.

Cristian Della Valle says:

computer because I

Rupert says:

Do u have some Cyka Nuggets or Mc Blyd?

Keith S. says:

Your videos are so good. Thanks so much!

Redemption Jewelry By Me says:

You move too fast for beginners to catch up but great info

lekha shankar says:

TERRIBLE accent-!

찬단 Singh says:

Nice video ! But I like your accent so much, i want to follow your accent so tell me how to practice your accent ?

Danuta Moon says:

Short, comprehensive, to the point presentation. Excellent! Thank you:) Love the accent !

Natacha Rivera says:

how do i get the videos to start on their own

CpurrLuvs2PurrIs#Awesome At PvP lol says:

funny Peecture(Im not making fun of you.)

Jerome Devereaux says:

This was not helpful because you moved much too fast and did not always point to the computer.

Cristian Della Valle says:


Dada33 says:

porco dio che accento di merda

Olena Gres says:


Luckydog - says:

Fantastic tutorial ! Thank you for posting !

PRO Dragon Balls says:

This didnt help anything i know all of this

Jordan Quigley says:

This was helpful and simple thankyou

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