Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad Tutorial

This is a tutorial and feature overview for Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad. We cover the basics from creating new documents and adding slides to more complicated features such as annotating, exporting as PDF etc.

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Shine Toring says:

How to add music or audio? Pls. Reply so that I can make my project


Why I can’t type letters

Frank Ntilikina says:

how to add hyperlinks to other slides


How can we hyperlink in pp ipad

MightyMidget 1701 says:

How do you save a PowerPoint to your photos or iMovie

Refika'nın Mutfağı says:

Best İpad tutorial. I havle Found so far..thank u

Hubert Casabuena says:

How can I put pictures from my gallery?

Arianna leggs says:

how do I open my PowerPoint documents on my iPhone and I pad. In other words syncing my PowerPoints to my iPhone and I pad. I downloaded the PowerPoint app to my iPhone and I pad already and signed in with my account that I have the PowerPoints on as well. the PowerPoints just wont show up on my iPhone and I pad. I want it to be n my iPad and iPhone so I wont have to carry my laptop around and it’ll be easy access. I’m currently in college so I’m trying to find easy way as possible for my studying. if anyone knows how to do this please let me know. thanks

ISubLikeUSubLike Cats says:

Yay boys

HelloSuperGame says:

Can it hyperlink

Rolando Cantú says:

Is there a way to hyperlink?

CiU SSTG says:

How can I send a document (not a link to doc) locked with password or mark as final?

Bob Jones says:

How do you hyperlink

Gabriel O'Flaherty says:

Did you create your presentation on an iPad or on a computer and then transfer to your iPad?

Daniel Grenehag says:

How do i remove a whole animation. Seems i can only delete one by one. If i choose another. It is just on top of the other. Anyone know how to


how do i delete slides in my powerpoint?

Jurist T.G.A says:

When im gonna type
It doesnt show my keyboard
Pls help me

Craylola14 says:

how to I change line spacing?

Nikolina Anicic says:

Hi, thank you for this video it has helped me a lot but I do have a question. You see the computers in my school don’t support the newer version of PowerPoint because they are pretty old and I made my presentation on my iPad is there an option to switch my document to powerpoint 2003 or 2010? I would really appreciate if you could answer my question I am kinda in a pickle ❤️

The Five Awesome Cousins says:

How to add music on it?

Dailey Todd says:

I have a samsung tablet and I was wondering if there was a way to insert a photo and then delete the background? I know you go to “format, remove background” on a computer but how do you do it on a tablet? please help!

Veerya Wijayatunga says:


Amy May says:

How do you save it onto your camera

Yasmin's Beauty says:

I inserted a gif photo into the PowerPoint in my iPad,when I preview the slide,she gif picture stays solid and doesn’t move

Shellie Wickham says:

super helpful!! Thank you!

Durgham Sabah says:

how can i connect ipad to data show ? please there away or not?

Sarina Pierce says:

Thank you SOOOO much !!! I had no idea what I was doing and this was absolutely extremely helpful !!! I only wish I had seen this a week ago ! But thankful I’ve seen it now !! Again , thank you thank you !

Mythical Unipopcorn says:

I double tapped …but my keyboard didn’t show up!! Pls help!

RedLionGaming /Mia says:

Very useful video 😀 you just earned a sub and a like 🙂 good job

Minh-Quan NGUYEN says:

Really I can’t write anything. My keyboard won’t work :v

Mau says:

No smart art? U.u

Shama H Upadhya says:

Can I sync it with my computer??????

aldenver Alcantara says:

i can’t type letters

Pallavi Thondapi says:

Thanks this really helped me!!

ILoveRainbows 1158 says:

Thank u this really helped me 🙂

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