Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial for Beginners!

Hello people. in this video i will be teaching you many important steps that you might need to create a nice project in Microsoft PowerPoint!This video is self-explanatory!!!Please comment,rate, and subscribe.Thanks

Made By: Crazymezzy900


PowerPoint Spice says:

Nice job!

Ar Ro says:

No you’re far too annoying to listen to for more than 10 secondsNo you’re far too annoying to listen to for more than 10 secondsNo you’re far too annoying to listen to for more than 10 secondsNo you’re far too annoying to listen to for more than 10 secondsNo you’re far too annoying to listen to for more than 10 secondsNo you’re far too annoying to listen to for more than 10 seconds

Lala Apooch says:

It was a very good tutorial, very beneficial 🙂

burhan güngör says:

arkadaşalr slayt yapan avarmı

crazymezzy900 says:

My Powerpoint Is Actually 2003, i have 2007 now, same as you. Glad i could help 🙂

Josh Cunanan says:

hi,its my first time use the the power point,i am having problems how to use it,i am in charge of making price labels,can you please send me some techniques or videos about price making thanks.

Anna Chyshcheva says:

I use 2013, can I use this tutorial? I found great collection with free templates:

twister886 says:

Is this 2010 or 2007 office version?

michael parent says:

dude you rock….thanks!

Paul Padilla says:

I dont know but you sound like you’re 10 going on 20 😀 good job and thank you! this helped me out quite a bit.

crazymezzy900 says:

Thank you for the nice comment 🙂


Lowther Live3 says:

good for nothing tutorial.

Matt Garman says:

good tutorial

Emile Henri Saad says:

Thank for this lesson, it got me started from scratch. I have a 2007 and yours looks + performance….wich version is your Power point.

Thanks and keep on the good job….. a bit slower for beginners.

fernande cohen says:

Thank you…I am starting my course and it was fun watching you

crazymezzy900 says:

Very glad i could help you, a new tutorial will be out very soon, so make sure to keep in touch. Thanks for the nice comment.

Lowther Live3 says:

No help at all. Total waste of time.

crazymezzy900 says:

I appreciate the comment, and any suggestions on what you would want to see?

Thanks -Kevin

Keri Rodriguez says:

@twister886 This is the 2003 version.

AnnaMaria Markes says:

Gibt es auch irgendwie so was für power point 2003 in deutsch?? Ich hab Überfall gesucht und das gibt es nur in englisch

KimmyTs Treasures says:

Nice tutorial…easy to follow.  Thanks!

crazymezzy900 says:

Well, if you buy a brand new laptop, it will say if it has Microsoft Office installed on it. Otherwise, it will cost you some money. If you want to buy the latest version which is the 2010, you can buy it for a total of $150.00 USD which comes with word,excel,outlook,publisher, and powerpoint. If you want powerpoint on its own, it will cost you around $40-50 USD.

jacob wendleing says:

Thanks for the tutorial! I was intimidated by Power Point until taking the time to view this and a couple others. I like yours the best! I feel much better about it. I plan to make my own soon to prove to myself I can do it. Before my next job interview I will make a few for sure.

Violet Draga says:

Was kind of easy to follow, but the talking and showing the steps were too fast. Need to slow down.

keevman93 says:

good tutorial.

navin638 says:

wow the tutorial was so clean and clear

Fabian Subash says:

hey crazymezzy, really good tutorial . really hope i can learn from you, more. youre have a really sweet voice. will see more from you.take care.

fabian subash

twister886 says:

@KerichXZ Damn, I need 2010. Thanks anyways.

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