PowerPoint 2010 Tutorial for Beginners #1 Overview (Microsoft PowerPoint)

This overview of PowerPoint 2010 illustrates the basic steps required to build your presentations. You will learn how to create slide content, add images, format the slide show, add animations and run your completed presentation. More PowerPoint tutorials to follow that will go into this popular program in much more depth.


Theboss3706 FTW says:

this was a good vidio but i am doing a presentation about the happy face spider in my class and i need it to look profetional but i need to do it at home and i need to use a usb. can you help me?

dennis white says:

wow this wonderful powerful power point.

levy ngoma says:

and how can you insert a triangle in the microsoft word 2010 with lines inside otherwise good or should i say the best to learn power point

raat420 says:

thanks great and easy way!!!

Gemma Cabildo says:

thanks a lot!

Doris White says:

Helpful; good teacher.  Thank you.

HowTheXYZ says:

Really good tutorial, I like the accent along with many others!

JapanPlay Doge420 says:

this video is gayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Asma Irfan says:


Nishaz N says:


Cindy Sipp says:

Thank You.   Awesome help … Looking for more of you tutorials…. A blessing  for the day…

Ram Kumar Mandal says:

great help

Ayu Alya Blog says:

I like making a story using powerpoint , well my age is 10 years old but I love writing with powerpoint , its just so boring playing game.

Manoharan Rajkumar says:

Thank you so much for this nice simple tutorial!

Piglatinsuperstar says:

very practical. Takes much less time reading through the book although messing up in the book helps me pay closer attention

Kia Kia says:

Very helpful, thanks for sharing!

Daniel Nogueira says:

this was very helpful

Muhammad Rizwan says:

Thank you for upload this video. They help me so much in future.

michael cedeno says:

Thank you

Debra A says:

I gotta agree with Gwen. This was an excellent tutorial! Thanks!!

Puspal Manna says:

where are the other videos??

Saw Khaing says:

Thanks a lot!

Edunit Seid says:

Thank you so much

CFE says:

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Ms_Dark_ N_Dandridge says:

Thank you for this amazing Tutorial…Unfortunately I don’t have ClipArt in my insert section and after I did my animation it didn’t work….did I do something wrong??? I have an Hp Laptop by the way, and I’m using Microsoft office Professional 2016.

Deepak Verma says:


Foji Sarfraz says:

Brilliant Tutorial thanks a lot

sahbaan khan says:

great work.. great British accent..

Ehtisham Ahmad says:

helpful very good

Femi Sobowale says:

This tutorial is excellent, easy to understand and straight to the point.
Thanks a million!

Rajesh Mhatre says:

great tutorial….for the beginers…thnks a lot….

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