PowerPoint 2013 Training – Creating a Presentation – Part 1 – PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial

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During this PowerPoint 2013 tutorial, learn how to get started creating a new presentation using PowerPoint 2013.

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Ashish Benny says:

dude can you tell me where i can downlode this


talk too much then showing how make it…

Douglas M says:

what a complete fucking waste of time.

Melissa Meeks says:

Great job for new learners.

Josef Benkouider says:

WTF !! you talk toooo much -_-

Dippro Ahmed DPMad says:

Its powerpoint mobile

Francisco Zamora says:

tnks for the power point class

Don't Hit Me I'm a Winston Main says:



Quiksandd9 says:

im trying to make a top 10 video for one of my favorite artists, i think using powerpoint would be easy, however i need to know how to add an audio clip of the song when the slide comes up… can someone help me

ZKplanet says:

you guys are DUMB!!!

lenny lopez says:

useless them wasted 10 min of time

DJNinjaChillz says:


DJNinjaChillz says:

Brionna Davis is black

DMB Services says:

thank you very much

Beautifully Me says:

7 minutes out of a 10 minute video and all he has taught is how to save!!! Please go to another video!!! He likes to hear himself speak!!!

learning center says:

excellant lacture.provide good informative lature, one can learn in a lot from these lactures

Brionna Davis says:

its realy good

DJNinjaChillz says:


johnny taing says:

Thanks for your tutorials

Redassassin 112212 says:

you are cool

Akram Hossain says:


chip chop says:

This was a very slow, repetitive video. Good content, but it should be edited to be more succinct.

Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church says:

it took 10 plus minutes to tell us how to create a solid background. skip this video.

Chris Wood says:

mate your voice has gave me such a migraine and I have not learned a single thing apart from you need a slap

Elizabeth Hunt says:

I like this. He’s easy to follow and is clear on explaining.

Jon Carr says:

Damn dude..Just shut up and get on with it. Damn. talk talk talk. Just get on with it.

Elizabeth Hunt says:

Why is it that people talk disrespectful on something someone does (you didn’t pay for)? Why not just say this isn’t what I’m looking for, my spoke, I’m after this part, not everything matching ones liking and to that, just simply say your peace on what you thought for yourself.get SO sick of seeing such rude comments on every freaking thread regardless of where… And we wonder why we all hate each other. Come pp. act like humans and not friggin baboons will you.

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