PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide – Design & Present Effectively

An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial outlining everything you need to know about PowerPoint starting from scratch. Learn PowerPoint in just around one hour: Concepts based. Easy to understand. See also our website: http://kaceli.com.

This is a full tutorial on using PowerPoint 2013. It covers:
00:10 Getting Started with PowerPoint 2013
06:29 Best Practices when creating and using PowerPoint
10:20:25 Using Templates in PowerPoint 2013
11:45 Customizing slides and applying quick styles
18:15 Applying a design theme to the presentation
22:45 Inserting images, shapes and screenshots in slides
30:35 Inserting charts and tables in a slide
35:15 Inserting and using SmartArt in PowerPoint
39:35 Inserting and using hyperlinks
43:13 Applying and using animation in PowerPoint
53:50 Embedding videos from YouTube and other multimedia
59:12 Customizing the Slide Master in PowerPoint
1:06:15 Using notes in PowerPoint
1:10:03 Annotating a PowerPoint presentation
1:13:12 Rehearsing timings in PowerPoint
1:16:32 Narrating a PowerPoint presentation
1:20:25 Saving a PowerPoint as a video .mp4 format
1:25:40 Converting a PowerPoint to PDF

Link to video in PowerPoint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZgTcqwu_LQ

PowerPoint 2010 is available from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q484k1JyGY

For other functionality, please check the other videos on this channel. Feel free to subscribe to the channel for the latest updates and refer other friends to it. Note that there are also playlists available and full videos that include all aspects of the applications. The videos for Word and Excel are also available from this channel.


Kai Zhang says:

thanks for the tutorial. After 1:10 only a small portion of the video content is shown at the low right corner. What happened? or it’s my problem?

Chettuppattu Balaji says:

very good one .voice is very low .it will be much helpful to increase voice

Rugueuxby Surson31 says:

After 1 hour and 10 minutes the screen is totally black ?????????????

Maggie Norris says:

Seven minutes in (and planning to continue), I have to disagree with the advice to avoid using sentences and paragraphs. I advise instead using complete sentences and short paragraphs to convey meaning. Isolated fragments of verbiage fail at communicating meaning. That may be the main failing of PowerPoint, that it is structured to encourage bad communication of meaning. The intelligent user who really wants to communicate will have to learn to use the tool in opposition to its structure. It can be done.

Ana K says:

I listened to your presentation in sections over the course of three days. I am so appreciative of your work on this. It is wonderful And you are a great teacher!
All the very best to you, always..
Ah, yes fyi, there is a small section towards the end where your screen shrunk and it’s not visible to us.

The Globetrotting Detective says:

At 1:00:34, how do you delete the lines there just by clicking on them? It doesnt work for me.

joshua sikana says:

thankyou boss. I have learnt a lot hrough your programs . please keep up the good work. continue empowering the world

j'espère Apetcho says:

You teach so good and so simple. i just watched some couple section of the course and i know a lot already. thank you so much

Mille Fey says:

Thank you for this, contained everything I needed to know! 🙂

Melissa Salaman says:

This was so helpful, thank you very much!

kiavash salimian says:

The best Tutorial!!!!So easy to learn and pick up the stuff!!


i have really enjoy the video.

Gayle L Speck G L Speck says:

Tutorial very well organized. Voice is a plesant voice. easy to listen to. Explaination detailed and demonstrated in parallel with voice description.

Gabreil Small says:

Thank you, your tutorial was very helpful.

Kattia Mora says:

So useful!!!! Thanks a lot

Powerpoint Pro says:

This video was worth watching 🙂 A little technical difficulty but great stuff 😀

Sorensen D says:


Kasper Vendler says:

Nice and well structured, looks like you really thought this through THX a lot!

Sara Param says:

Thank you very much, very useful and appreciated your patience and clear explanations.

Ms. Judy says:

LOVE your speaking voice and speed that you spoke. I did not have to keep replaying the video to try and understand what you said! You are a AWESOME teacher! Thank you – I learned so much!

Jammin Dave says:

I see a picture of sali kaceli but I hear a very young soft voice, are these two the same person?

sajad ali says:

i have tried my best on making this video yhank you for liking

juliane1mota says:

Thanks Sali. Your tutorial is very very helpful.

Elibank Okyere says:

Thank you very much it’s really helpful..GOD BLESS YOU..

Omar Q says:

Thank you, sir.

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