PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial – A Complete Tutorial on Using PowerPoint – Full HD 1080P

A comprehensive 31 module tutorial (in Full HD 1080P) on PowerPoint 2016 for business professionals, students or anyone who wants to advance in their career. Learn how to use PowerPoint effectively. I start with the very basics and move into the more advanced features such as creating advanced designs and animations for impressive presentations. For more info. visit http://learn.kaceli.com.

Checkout the table of contents below for the major topics covered here.

00:70 Welcome to PowerPoint 2016
01:00 Getting Started with PowerPoint – Understanding the User Interface in PowerPoint
05:07 Creating your first presentation from scratch in PowerPoint 2016
11:55 Applying a design theme to your PowerPoint presentation
17:58 Learn how to use the PowerPoint Designer: Design Ideas
20:43 Learn how to import and reuse slides in PowerPoint 2016
23:01 Learn how to insert pictures in a presentation
26:35 Learn how to insert images from the Internet and apply Design Ideas
28:46 Learn how to apply SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016
33:28 Learn how to insert charts in PowerPoint
37:22 Learn how to insert and customize shapes in PowerPoint
39:05 Learn how to insert videos and multimedia
44:10 Learn how to insert audio and music in slides
47:40 Learn how to use Screen Capture and embeding
50:47 Learn how to use the Morph Transition in PowerPoint 2016
56:31 Learn how to use animations in PowerPoint
1:03:44 Learn how to use Advanced Grouping and Animation – Advanced Features
1:20:57 Learn how to record a slide presentation
1:25:17 Learn how to customize the Slide Master in PowerPoint 2016
1:29:50 Learn Rehearse timings in PowerPoint
1:32:56 Learn how to use notes in slides
1:37:12 Learn how to use the Presentation View in PowerPoint 2016
1:40:00 Learn how to use Quick Styles in PowerPoint
1:42:14 Learn how ot create a Photo Album
1:44:40 Learn how to email your presentation
1:46:04 Learn how to save in PDF
1:47:12 Learn how to save the presentation in .mp4 video
1:52:36 Learn how to use templates in PowerPoint
1:56:56 Setup a custom slideshow
1:59:06 Screenshot option in PowerPoint
2:02:35 Using the Tell Me feature in PowerPoint
2:04:32 Changing the Office theme
2:06:07 Tips and Guidelines on using PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial: https://youtu.be/lbc1HX8Jccw

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vins abr says:

thank u 🙂

Tagalog Works says:

Learned a lot. Thank You.

Mehdi Ilka says:

Thank you very much. It is very helpful

Marlys Van Ert says:

Great tutorial! I needed a refresher and this highlighted the features of PowerPoint 2016!

Mohammad Sidhpur says:

hello sir its wonderful lesson to teach us students..:)

Mike Repluk says:

Thanks for this tutorial. Very detailed and easy to understand 🙂

Donna Couture says:

Thank you for making this video. Love the fact that you took this time to make an information packed video. Didn’t find it too long at all. – )

AMA DUNG says:

nice video thanks alot

BlueDeath024 says:

PowerPoint: The Movie (Director’s cut.)

Jeralo says:

I found the presention to be very thorough and easy to follow. I like that you broke it down into meaningful chunks and the fact that you avoided needless reptition as you often get from presenters. Far superior to other presentations on PowerPoint. Thank you very much.

Dottie Wilson says:

Hi. Thank you for the tutorial! Can you please tell me why we cannot type text into a blank slide? Thx.

YU TONY says:

why the laser pointer doesn’t appear when I record the presentation? only the pen and highlighter show. Its’ quite strange.

vijay pal says:

very will

Elsabe Smit says:

Very good content and easily digested – thank you

Keith S. says:

Can’t see bottom of screen when zoomed in elsewhere or regularly with your overlaying text…Other wise, nice video

Kumar Rahul says:

Showcased very neatly!

Jennifer Ozores says:

This tutorial will be helpful to pass the MOS?

Halim Rahal says:

Amazing tutorial! Thanks a lot. Super helpful.

Leila Fatehi says:

How do you get the reuse slide panel (ppt for mac). I can seem to get mine up..Thank you!

YU TONY says:

the laser pointer doesn’t show in recording, it shows only in replay of the recording, why? I want to use laser pointer in recording my presentation, I think it’s better explained.

kias mah says:

how to update power point 2016?

John St Dominic says:

Many thanks for this brilliant tutorial, Sali. I look forward to putting it into practice in my test next week!


This is what I was searching…Great

Rebecca Spacke says:

Thank you so much for creating this tutorial. It is very easy to understand. As a novice, I am now excited to create my very first powerpoint presentation.

Abul kalam Azad molla says:

thank you sir,its help me lot

Radhika Agarwal says:

Great Video! Thanks a ton Mr. Sali.

Marilou McGregor says:

Thank you soo much for this wonderful presentation. It helps a lot.

Relic Wessels says:

Thank you for this great video. It was very user friendly, easy to follow and understand, I especially liked the linked you added in the description section which made fining each section of the video easy.

MovieWatchTime says:

great tutorial, long 2 hours lol, but great content

Smart help says:

Too long, who is watching this???????

Laura Key says:

Wow, thank you so much. I used Power Point regularly years ago but this really brought me up to date! Fabulous!

Tsheten Tshering says:

An excellent work!!!!

Azad Darband says:

great tutorial, many thanks

YU TONY says:

how to make the laser pointer appear when doing the presentation recording? I use 2016 version of powerpoint. thank you.

irene c says:

Thank you. I have just started watching your tutorial and see it is very helpful.

Banwari Lal says:

Dear Mr. Sali Kaceli .. thanks for nice teaching .. i like your tutorials particularly for word, excel , pp and access.

shahid abbas says:

is this a complete tetorial

Grace Joubarne says:


martincmasil says:

saved me atleast 2000.rs of INDIAN money to learn this full tutorial
THANK YOU AGAIN for a wonderful lessons to learn and understand full on it…

Rapee Sutham says:

Hi, I am new in this IT community. But just bought Microsoft Office 365 for my Mac yesterday. I will be in with you soon. Thank you for this, and hope this helped.

bhasker eedepu says:

Thank you very much for your excellent tutorials. This really helps me more and more to understand. I am confident and sure that this knowledge is helps me in my teaching profession. Hope the more I learn from your tutorials.

ali rahimi says:

Thanks for your best video i like to learn much

Zam says:

Thank you very much …i indeed watched it from begin till end … very good and clear explanation.

Lenka Zajic says:

Thank-you so much for creating this tutorial. It has helped me to get started with this very easily and quickly 🙂

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It helped a lot. Thank you.

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Thanks for this helpful tutorial.

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