PowerPoint Animation Tutorial Motion Graphic Sunrise

This PowerPoint tutorial is about motion graphic sunrise animation. Here, I have showed how to design a flat city and then how to add the animation.

You can download this PowerPoint motion graphic animation template for free from here:

Motion graphic designs are so cool. You can also add this in your presentations. It can blow your audience mind. I have already published three more motion graphic animation tutorials in our channel. So, you can also check those out.

I have used Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 to make this tutorial but you can also use PowerPoint 2013, as both are more or less same.

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Background Music Credits:
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eka julianto arif says:


MD: HABIB JR. says:

give me your phone no

Đu Đủ says:

How to com up with such creative ideas “make it like it”? How impressive you are


অনেক সুন্দর।


So good

Sangita Ekka says:

You are amazing!!!

VianMK says:

This is amazing.. omg. I never thought powerpoint presentation could be this artistic. I thought I need particular application to create such a nice animation like this. Keep this up bro. I subscribed already.

vidIllVloggereo says:

youve got a new subscriber! keep the good work up

abdessadek labibi says:

Great work .. thank you

Rahmat Hidayat says:

Nice work. . Very helpfull for improving my skill to make a great presentation. . Thanks

Hannah says:

when i download it’s a zip file, how to make it powerpoint????

TLQ Napo says:


Suhail Ahmed says:

Awesome! Bro B)

Muhammad Ghalih says:

Good job,. Thanks 😉

Vaseem S says:

Adobe after effects, in your face.

Citra Shania says:


Lan Anh Vũ says:

Is this microsoft powerpoint 2013?


Love it but go with ur original accent

joey dzoels says:

Amazing bro.. thanks for tutorial 😀

Fareez Ahamed says:

Amazing ☺️

Muadz Fadhlurrahman says:

cool i like it, i have some cool template for powerpoint its free

Geran Hawak says:

Damn dude! You’re a God in Powerpoint! Keep it up!! You’re helping a lot of people!

Hiếu Hà says:


Yusuf Dagri says:

I like it a lot

Miao Bin says:

Amazing job!

Derbie April Vaganza says:

i can’t use same background guys helpp :V

प्रवीण सिसोदिया says:

Hey guys, please check out this PowerPoint tutorial of mine and share your views so I can learn about my mistakes as I’m new to PowerPoint Tutorials: https://youtu.be/eL2BI9eW_w8

Sudip Shah says:

Very Very awesome thank you I’ll be using your type of presentations in my school projects.Thank you u made my day 🙂 Became fan of your’s

myah chan says:

Super cool. Thanks

Aliff Shanusi says:


Anita Garg says:

woooow I’m a student and was trying to find an affordable software to animate and then I came across to your channel and now I can animate on ppt without any fee or hardcore software , I can’t thank you much

Hiếu Lê says:

How to shrink it and put it in another slide without damaging the animations?

Anirudh Naik says:

Became fan of your creativity

MD: HABIB JR. says:

I love your ppt slideshow

Round Maps aregridstoo says:

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Pavan Rao says:

can u do like this
for local bus tracking

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