POWERPOINT presentation – tutorial basics. Fast learning in just 19 minutes !

PowerPoint presentation tutorial basics. Learning fast how to use powerpoint and make presentation in just 19 minutes. Learn how to make a presentation, how to insert and modify text, slides and pictures and how to apply different layouts in PowerPoint presentations.

Powerpoint is a Microsoft Office product that provides users with an interface to design multimedia slides to be displayed on a projection system or personal computer. The software incorporates images, sounds, videos, text, and charts to create an interactive presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint interacts with other Office products such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and is included with most Microsoft Office packages.

Powerpoint is a users’ tool interface to design multimedia slides for display a projector or personal computer. The software has functionality to present images, sounds, videos, text, and charts within an interactive presentation. It interfaces with other Office products, MS-Word and Excel, and is in the Microsoft Office packages.

This is a free on line video tutorial about how to learn MS office and how to use PowerPoint MS office for presentations in an easy to learn way. In particular, in this free MS office PowerPoint tutorial, you will learn how to use PowerPoint, how to implement Microsoft’s PowerPoint tips, how to make and how to do specific things in PowerPoint, how to open a PowerPoint document, how to insert text and slides in PowerPoint, insert pictures from any folder or from clip art, how to insert and modify PowerPoints’ layout and perform presentations with MS Office- PowerPoint. This online, video free tutorial is suitable either for beginners in PowerPoint and/or for advanced PowerPoint learning and refreshing. Watch this video and gain professional knowledge in presentation skills and practical organizational skills in an easy way.

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Sharuk Khan says:

thnk q so much sir very help full video….can u plzz teach us excell

Melinda Musto says:

Thank you very clear and simple which is exactly what I need for a quick crash course.

Fardous Sultan says:

Good job .. it’s help me a lot

learning center says:

good u r the perfect one

Esther Hayford says:

Thank you very much .very easy to understand

Raj Hussain says:

Thank you

GirlyVenus2011 says:

Are you from Spain?

Lamprini Kost. says:

Thank you! really helpfull! 90% sure you are Greek!!!

angel park says:

This is very usefull site to make a presntation nice and easily !

moi du toi photography says:

You are a natural educator! I hadn’t a CLUE about Powerpoint until I watched this video, thank you taking the time to create and share this fantastic tutorial with us all.

Mike Amarnani says:

thank you. very healpful!!!

Jemma Byam says:

thank you so much this was very helpful.  Very simple and easy to follow…….love it

Dennis Fetters says:

Thank you. Very understandable and appreciated.

hikikomori hachiman says:

thanks for making this video~~

Creative Presentation Ideas by infoDiagram says:

Wow, what a voice!

Khadija says:

You can also make this account fiverr.com/pptdesigners make a Very Professional PowerPoint that will get you 100% of your students attention and it also has games

Escapade Channel says:

go to the reset its a really mess go press reset BOOM nice

Vrej Sarkis says:

i liked you accent. are u greek or egyptian?

Nusrath Begum says:

Thank you so much! I learnt Power Point from your video. It was very easy to learn and helpful too. Loved your presentation!

Monika Sharma Vaidya says:

Quite nice and easy to understand!

Tony Thong says:

Thanks you Sir, very good tutor , very clear & informative.Save the tuition fee for me if I attend the classroom training.

Mariz Chavez says:

thank you

Raghavdas Gondaliya says:


Abdi Kani says:

Thanks a lot it was really helpful

Jeet Sehgal says:

nice and simple..keep it up

Jim Davis says:

Wonderful. Great instruction. You’re a marvelous teacher!

Jorine kamwine says:

Thank you! This was so much helpful

Debora Allegro says:

Thank you!! this was very helpful for a beginner…simple and easy to understand!!

thanasis tsatsoulis says:

Very usefull, Thanks !

Changappa Somaiah says:

Thank you So much Thank you!!  this was very helpful for a beginner…simple and easy to understand!! I love it.

Helena Hayes says:

Thank you. This tutorial was very clear and straight forward. I am a 50 year old who has gone back to school to learn computing skills. We sit in class and are given tutorials to complete. But your tutorial is better. I understand it. I dont understand the ones I am given in class.

kailash khadka says:

Thanks a lot…Keep it up

HeriClash Clash Royale & more says:

the best one on youtube!on 19 minutes you covered everything without having to waste my time!thank you!

Ngoga Joseph says:

great lessons

larry nwaogbe says:

ds is gud is d best way to no what u dont no keep it up

Krishnamurthi Raju says:

Excellant show. But where I struggled is after inserting jeans on the presentation screen “the click to add text box” was not disappearing. I was just following & practicing your presentation. Otherwise its very useful.

New Yorker2 says:

Thank you for sharing! Subscribed!!

Praveen Rathode says:

Thank you sir…Keep the good work even in the future…Loved it

Rakesh Shanker says:

Thank you very useful….

GirlyVenus2011 says:

you sound just like Javier Bardem it turns me on LOL

Joe Hernandez says:

Thanks brother, you made this very straight fwd.

Rachel Johnson says:

very informative and helful….thanks you very much!!

kent gaspard says:

Did not have a clue until now thanks much

shaik rasheeda says:

its difficult to look at the options its not clear but it is understandable

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