PowerPoint Slideshow Effect – Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial 2016

PowerPoint Slideshow Effect – Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial 2016
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Here is a source File of my Design https://goo.gl/9PU9Zs

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Sujoy Goswami says:

Brillant! Thanks a lot for posting it.

Javier mauricio Peñaloza Perales says:

i press CTRAL + A , but the program no select all :S


plz speed slow
some points i m not understang

Sweet Agan says:


Hosen Prince says:

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Carlos Meza says:

This is so awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing!

Martina Lenehan says:

When i use the “subtract” option , my screen goes blank. I am presuming it is the selection option but i am unable to figure it out. Any help welcome! Thanks

Raziv Ravsanzhani says:

this is great
thanks for sharing

Mahmoud Akram says:


Paulina Paz Muñoz says:

i cannot merge them, it is not availabe even when I have all the elements selected

Rafy Shaikh says:

i can’t intersect team :/

Elcin Günel cok gözel ses Memmedov says:


Ankit Chandel says:

Ek Dum Mast

Huu Hiep says:

God damn, you can design a picture by pp and its better than someone designing it by photoshop

The Teacher says:

Very nice.

AM network says:

it good will try to make it, tanks you

Bill Conrad says:

Nice clip – I like the music and the slides

Marites Elloran says:

Can we do it in Powerpoint 2007?

Omid Ahmadi says:

wow amazing,thank for sharing.

Savy Him says:

Super cool! But it’s so fast I can’t really follow especially no commentary.

A Music says:

When I select subtract everything dissapears

Katrin Jordi says:

Can i have this in slow motion please. I can’t see what you’re doing.

Рустам Тимершин says:

What music is playing

Jorge Ayala Paredes says:

pollo, pollo, polla xddd

Tankist Gamer says:

intro music name pliz

Capt. Aniruddho says:

excellent but vedio is too fast and some times no caption. I tried 2 hours some times worked and sometimes not. Can you make the vedio slow a bit and add enough caption. or with audio like others. your materials is easy to understand. plz , thanks in advance

Abdul Abdul says:

hi .its amazing but it too fast make it normal or slow motion I can’t see what you did.plzzz make it slow motion video bro…

Fahim Channel says:

Thanks For your batter photoshop idea ..
I make one another video was see your this video
thanks you very much

Ro Cki says:

Great idea and a very nice example you’ve chosen! Thx for sharing

Chau Le says:

Wowwwwwwww i love it so much!!! Fantastic!!!

NJ Shame says:

i used MP 2007 i cant do this

Marie Gazulli says:

Nice tutorial, useful!

Pooja Rohilla says:

Hi Pravind, i request you to pls provide a tutorial to use the gradient option effectively.

Mariya akter Mitu says:

very nice

Rhod Orpano says:

hello, what version you are using sir? thank you..

Rafy Shaikh says:

what photo type is Required ? jpg or Png?

kum mar says:

v v v v v nice

maria eduarda says:

I’m not getting! what should I do?

Edgard Lucana Gallegos says:

Hey man… you are amazing!!!! thanks so much!!!

samiul Azad says:

its just josh…………………:)

Katrin Jordi says:

Thank you Pravind , but I am an absolute beginner. Was just impressed by your video…have decided not to attempt.

TheCyrushuang Samuelhuang says:

Now I’d learn to be cool!



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