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That is a simple Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Text Animation Tutorial but at the same time it is an attractive Line Animation where Text is growing and line is rotating while hiding and showing half of the text. In the end of the animation, line fade out and the entire text get fully visible.

This animation is truly inspired from Easy After Effects channel’s “After Effects – Text Animation with Line” video.

Video Link:

You must follow my previous video about how to Define An Anchor Point in PowerPoint to understand the concept behind this animation.

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Anchor Point Video Link:

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A Power Point Presentation | The Teacher


CarsMotorShow says:

what it’s free for monetize??

Qazi Bilal says:

awesome ,you have great skils thank you

Nou Mab says:

awesome trick ..thanks aloooot 🙂
keep that up (y)

Loegoet Santoso says:

I need deep thinking. You like drinking water

Naseer Al-Taie says:


Abhishek pathak says:

I wonder how u get these ideas

Sanity Shattered says:

Hello Again Teacher Soes this work only on PowerPnt 2016 ?

Msso Bmssk says:

Teacher, you have a screen recording application. but powerpoint screen recording will stop when Powerpoint is closed. your screen recording app is which name? which link can help download your screen recording app?

Henri Joël TEOUA says:


Ghulam Mustafa says:

we don’t understand what you do very fast this is not a valid thing to teach

Elthymosz JBM says:

Nice..n informatif thx

Tan Jia En says:

what is the background song

Steven wu says:

Great video. Hi there I am trying to make a video introduction like 0:03 – 0:06 from this “did you know” video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQFTUJK9TkI Do you know if it’s doable with powerpoint? I played around with powerpoint for a little bit and added a few question mark icons. i couldn’t figure out how to make these icons fly towards the audience and disappear afterwards. Any advice would be appreciated! terpjwu1@gmail.com is my email. Many thanks!

Blake Harkin says:

Awesome video this really helped. Also, would you mind telling me the name of the song you used for the intro. i really liked it!

fatma g says:

so good thanks

Pravind Thakur says:

I don’t know how but my video is suggested from your channel. Can we both add ourselves to feature channel.

nivia bezerra says:

Fantastic video! How do you learn ppt? Watching videos and trying or taking classes?

Oussama Zayene says:

Nice job! Thanks

Shampoo Wow says:

Awesome video! I like it

Msso Bmssk says:

Sorry, the font used in this presentation is not installed on my PC. how can I download it ??

Abhishek pathak says:

Thanks man your channel is really helpfull

kinjal mashru says:


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