Top 20 PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks

Here is the top 20 tips and tricks for PowerPoint 2016. This list is compiled from several years using PowerPoint for presentations in a corporate environment and includes common tips most people forget exist as well as some surprise tricks you can employ to become a better presenter.

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1. Morph Transition 0:21
2. Compress Media 0:49
3. Click-Drag to Duplicate 1:55
4. Ink Equation 2:10
5. Alt-Shift Ordering 2:35
6. Ungroup SmartArt 2:55
7. Quick Access Toolbar 3:30
8. Filler Text 4:53
9. Chart Animation 5:48
10. Slide Show Tricks 6:59
11. Gridlines & Guides 8:01
12. Recover Files 9:26
13. Eyedropper 9:57
14. Shape Edit Points 10:22
15. Smart Lookup 11:26
16. Slide Show Loop 11:51
17. Embed Fonts 12:45
18. Remove Background 13:22
19. Quick Alignment 14:08
20. Tell Me What You Want to Do 14:47

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Carmelita Jacobs says:

how did i live without knowing these things

Ahmed Younis says:

Thank you for sharing such a great information. & Very useful.

David Law says:

Very nice instruction videos. Easy to follow. Professional commentary.

Wade says:

Good stuff – thanks

Patrick47 says:

helpful want advanced concept on Slide presentation eg contract text with background eg TV news concepts

Sara Khan says:

#2 Can the size of the compressed media file be re-enhanced after the file is sent through email and received by another person?

Great tips by the way (Y)

Clara Xiaoxiao Tang says:

Sorry, the trick no.10, what keys do you click to bring out the dialogue window?

farnaz bayaat says:

thank you so much. this is a great video i ve ever seen in youtube about powerpoint with your nice voice actually. thank u

圆袁 says:

how to edit the page number? i dont want it follow sequence

nooshey xia says:

mind blowing video and its really helpful for all

kellyann Jackson says:

Excellent video with great suggestions, thank you

soudani abousofiane says:

How to couvert mp4 to ppt

Sele Training says:

Don’t miss out on the PowerPoint Advanced Tips and Tricks video:

Technical & Business Writing says:

Great tips! Many thanks 🙂


superb thanks

Lisa Ross says:

Thanks for the quick tips, so helpful.

Ogi Istražuje says:

You and Steven Hawkings got same voice lol

Darrin Kent says:

2:37 is my favorite! Great video, thanks.

YouLearn says:

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Christofora Nong Goa says:

thank you for sharing. it”s really helpfull

Kim Laursen says:

Another great list of tips.

And my comments

#1 ONLY if installed from Office 365
#5 Also use ALT + Arrows Left/Right!!!
#6 – and the other way around,, create SmartArt from Bullet list
#7 SHIFT+F3 to toggle character case
#14 Drawing Tools, Format, Merge Shapes – great fun!

And MY Favorites:
CTRL+ENTER to jump from placeholder to placeholder to new slide
SHIFT +ENTER to make New Line, NOT New Paragraph

Keep up the good work!


Steve Kunishige says:

Very intuitive and helpful, thanks for the presentation…..


BEST PowerPoint video!!! SUPER useful tips and presented SO clearly. THANK YOU!

Ali Khalilov says:

Thanks for your sharing …. can you help me that how can find all kind of animated .gif cartoon character for business and class presentation .

thanks lot

Karanjit Singh says:


Deborah Glover says:

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing

mnfoges12 says:

Excellent, I share the same sentiments as the others

Stefan Kontschieder says:

Well done. Thank you

marissa escarez says:

Thank you for wonderful tips!..

Marvin Van gils says:

Slechte video

Rapper Free world says:

that was amazing and helpful Sele

Hanan Jambi says:

Very nice and clear, thank you very much

Tribesmen says:

Very helpful! Thank you….

Maleficent says:

Quick and helpful! Thanks.

sheriff kabba says:

Thanks a lot for posting

Agnes Tan says:

Hi, are we able to do the embed font in Word too?

Posture Videos says:

Brilliant; so helpful.


Great job!

Linda Hughes says:

Loved this!  Very helpful

Abdur Rahman Munna says:

Thanks for your hard working in making such a helpful video. carry on…

Honey is my favorite horse says:

Loved your video! Nice of you to share, thank you!!!!

Gene Penna says:

Very informative – thanks for posting

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