How to prepare for Microsoft Word job application tests – Part 1

When applying for a job, you may be asked to demonstrate your Word skills.
This video is Part 1 of a two-part series which will assist with basic elements of questions and tests which you will be asked to complete.
The files are downloadable for free at


La beautiful says:

Thank you.
Do you happen to have a video where you have a multiple choice answer?

Hernhj says:

Excellent tutorial! Thanks

Gail Mullen says:

I watched your Excel video the other day, it was the most perfect video to refresh myself, and I am now watching your Word videos. I have my Clerical test in a couple hours from now. I’m more proficient in Word than Excel but this is very useful. Thank you for your videos!!

Anthony Alexander says:

It’s “Z”

Shannon Hudson says:

Thank you for the help. Ive watched both your excel and word videos. So lovely of you, lets hope it helps me in my interview tomorrow! 🙂

Marianne Moravecka says:

can’t download the MS word “test” document. I’m using Office 2010, and get a message that says”File doesn’t have a program associated with it.”

ButterflySpirit 314 says:

Thank you for making a video that is easy to follow and understand !!!

Yannick Cho says:

Thanks Sir, this course has increased my confidence

Kerri Slayden says:

So great to have these tutorials!!  I’ve already got the job- but needed to know the basics.  I now have a go-to!  Thanks for giving me a bit of self-confidence to go with my new job!

LloydChristmas777 says:

Thanks very much sir.

chris jatto says:

Excellent tutorial on Microsoft Word test. Learnt a lot. Thanks!

Grey Wolfe says:

Very informative video! Thanks a million!

ZanelleN says:

Thank you for your time. I learned a few things.

Sandeep Kumar says:

its really helpful to all the people who r so confused………….thankzz a lot

Helena Valagao says:

Don’t know what a zed is.

Carol Arnau says:

Thank you for this great video, however, I don’t understand what Ctrl Zed is? I think I’m not understanding you correctly…Can you please clarify…thanks again!!!

Leticia Ramirez says:

thank you so much, very useful

Holly says:

Your videos are SO helpful. I’ve watched 5 of them already! You’re very straightforward with no extraneous stuff, no “ummm”s or “uhhh”s. Very informative and on-point and not repetitive. Also, not boring! I can’t thank you enough.

mike8pow says:

What’s control zed

Iris Gross says:

I watched Captain Kangaroo as a child, so I already knew what Zed meant! lol

Judith Miramontes says:

your tutorials have been very helpful.  so glad I came across.  I am looking for a tutorial that will help me develop a template for my reports.  Basically, I transcribe reports for a field investigator where in names, dates and other certain information may vary but the body of the report is usually the same.  can you send me a link where I might learn how to create a template but allows me to interchange certain information only. 

i.e.  (insert witness name)  was interviewed at (insert location of interviewPt (insert address) on 10/12/16. (insert witness name) understood that this is a matter in which all her answers needed to be honest and candid.  She also understood that any person who makes or causes to be made any knowingly false or fraudulent material statements or misrepresentation for the purpose of obtaining or denying workers’ compensation benefits or payments is guilty of a crime

Helena Valagao says:

Love your videos, I am prepping for an interview tomorrow and needed a refresher, your videos are perfect!

Patricia Shenk says:

I can’t figure that out either. It’s either a numerical 0 or a letter o. But it doesn’t seem to work no matter which 0 or o I press..

LemonCoconut says:

You are a wonderful instructor. God bless you for your help.

BlueMoon says:

Thank you!

Ivette says:

Thank you, I am so happy to find all this helpful tutorials.

Chantel x0x0 says:

I learned like 4 things within 4 seconds lol

CIAC Tennis says:

That was great, I have been using work for years an learned a lot in 30 minutes!!!

Leticia Ramirez says:

thank you very much ,love the video, good information

FamilyFirst!! says:

Thanks greatly

Lauralie Roylance says:

Great refresher . . . thanks

vikas gionee says:

How to correct this type word in ms office example My NaME iS vIKasH nARayaN MuRmu this type all page writing how to automatically correct give shortcut

Tiny McBig says:

Thank you very much for your time and effort and overall everything you’ve done. I got 100% on my excel test and 90% on my word and I would have even had 100% on the latter if it wasn’t for the counter intuitive test design.

lorna pinnock says:

Hi, this is great!! I have not used Excel in ten years. I just took the e skills test online and I received 63%. The passing score was 70%. if I didn’t watch your video I would of got 20% or 30%. Thanks so much!! I spent too much time on 4 wrong questions and left 3 unanswered !! I believed I would of got at lest a 70% if i had a chance to answer those 3. I don’t feel so bad. I’m referring to Excel not Word. I’m going to look at Word now. Thanks again!!

mike8pow says:

Got a employment test need to know what’s the basic

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