How to REALLY use Microsoft Office: Word Styles 101

Lots of people think they understand how to use Microsoft Word. Do you? I break down the basics and importance of Styles in Word in this evenly paced How-To video. Check the full playlist!


Carol Pinell says:

thank you, it was very informative

Sezin Ardanuc says:

So simplified and helpful, tx!

W Vitols says:

I like the video.
How do I get “Ctrl-Z” to show up?

Jill Wheater says:

Excellent -simple and succinct!

Phs Tech says:

Helpful, very much so. Even now.

Sharon Eakes says:

This was great! Thank you so much. I’d love to have a video about MS Office Outlook – specifically about attachments. Mine are all weird and no one seems to know how to fix that things I attach become windat something.

Stella Frances says:

Awesomely helpful..thanks!

Marilyn Kemper says:

Fantastic. Really helpful information. Your time is much appreciated. Blessings!

Wen Sun says:

Awesome video, quick question, do the headings that you modify become the default to the exclusive document you work on or does it become the default to Microsoft Word even if you work on a new document. I would think the first, but just to be sure. Thank you!

Alan Brady says:

This tutorial is extremely helpful. I use word infrequently, and there is a reason why—I don’t know how to use it proficiently. Thank you for spending the time to share this knowledge.

9584pete says:

Very Helpful. Thanks.

Billy Gilbert says:

I’ve been working on a document for a few months.  It contains lots of different formatting and styles.  I stared at the style bar the whole time wondering what that was all about.  This will save me a TON of time.  Thank you very much.

Jess Mareko says:

wow this video has been so helpful, I will be return until I nail all the tricks 🙂

Norma McClure says:

Hi Scott. What a helpful video! I’m writing a novel, and will have to watch this a few times to absorb what I need, but I was lost before your video.
If you haven’t done so already, a video about tracking changes between documents would be helpful for updating a manuscript.

Doris Dupuis says:

super These are best ways to format … quick and steady look, plus easy table of content production with futur changes applied in seconds. merci

Jade Johnson says:


mmoumdji says:

When I use a predefined style (i.e. title style), after I press enter it goes back to normal. But when I create a style of my own, when I use that and then hit Enter to change paragraph, it stays on that style and I don’t want that. How can I solve this?


– GREAT info on how to use Style. Thanx. This will make doing documents much easier.


If you can do a full video list of how to work with word in a real office setting,what you need to be able to do would be fantastic.
As stated on a few of your videos comments sections, the presentations are some of the best on utube…I have done a microsoft course but it seems it is not enough for an actual office setting; a full range of vids showing us how from you would be helpful.

David Corby says:

Will there be any additional videos on styles? perhaps in Word 2016? I loved this video, and would like to get better. My office just moved to 2016, and i’d like to use styles to organize our meeting minutes.

Ann LaBar says:

Thank you! I’ve put off learning this for far too long.

Carly Nunez says:

Your video on styles is a game changer! Thank you!

31 says:

wow! mind blowing! you are the best, so glad I found your channel

Niall McGrath says:

Thanks: I should’ve learnt this stuff years ago.

Pauline O'Kane says:

Do you have a tutorial on tracking changes?

Tadhg Norgrove says:

Absolutely Fantastic!

txowl says:

This is the best styles video I’ve ever seen. Definitely sharing with co-workers! Thank you!

Cole Frankel says:

great work hanselman. thanks a lot.

Phil Selfridge says:

I am writing a book and this was very helpful

Rami Veiberman says:

Hey, this was amazingly great video! I would like to know how to create numbered styles for various title levels. I always get this messed up

Bethany Egerton says:

Yes, more please!!
Can you add one about working with images? I need to be able to insert an image of any size into a box that wont move on you and have it be the size of the box.

Dragon Gem Mindworks says:

We completely agree that this is absolutely one of the very best tutorials on using Styles in Word available on YouTube. That’s why we have condensed down the content, combined it with examples from another excellent video by Doug Thomas ( ), added several more Tips and Tricks and structured it all into a single 15 minute Knowledge tutorial ( ). So, if you found this video informative but would like a more concise review of the topics covered, check it out.

We apologize if this run counter to good YouTube etiquette. Much like Scott, we are just trying to put the best information into the hands of everyday users.

Shae Plush says:

This is amazing!  Bless your heart for sharing this…  I appreciate it!

Brian Taylor says:

Very helpful – clearly explained AND demonstrated! Please post a tutorial on getting level-1 an -2 headings to number correctly!

Gustavo Mattos says:

Wow! If I had known that a few years ago, I would have thousands of hours to do anything else! That was extremely helpful!

Deanne Stachowski says:


Katherine Riggs says:

Thank you. Would have liked to have numbering.

sreeragh arayalikal says:

This video was extremely helpful, thank you for that. can you help me to understand table of content different different style indentation.

Paula Henderson says:

Really great video…best I’ve seen on styles. thanks Scott.

Marilyn Kemper says:

Hi Scott, been looking for some info on setting the proper margins for different page sizes…A4, A5, half pages, Filofax, ect. Can you direct me to a place to get that information? Thanks.

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