How to REALLY use Microsoft Word: Tabs and Indents

There’s people who know Word, and there’s people who think they know Word. Here’s a slow-paced How-To Series that demystifies Microsoft Word and Office and helps YOU join the folks who understand the power of Word.


Taleese Walsh says:

Must watch! Was guilty of all above and oblivious to my pure beginner status until I watched this video. So jam-packed with helpful information have watched more than once. Thank you so much.

Karyn Gramando [Construction Management] says:

Exactly what I needed, thank you!

Sanjeet Yadav says:

Great work sir

Jean Pierre Larrain says:

Good I actually learned something

Caucasus says:

This guy talks too much, useless content.

Julie Wilson says:

Thank you. Very helpful and nicely demonstrated, just recently started working with Word after several years and “kind of” new about tabs & indents. Great job. I would definitely enjoy and appreciate more videos like this one. (Going to check if they’re already there.)

carl fernandes says:

Great video. Can you teach us cross references and how to fix broken cross references, table of contents and end notes and footnotes.

Kelli Festenese says:

Thank you so much for the video. I’m a Registered nurse I’m working on my resume and I’ve been so frustrated – I do not know how to “really use word”…. I’m going to continue to watch your video’s!

Lewis Yaworski says:

This unbelievable! I made it through my entire Bachelor Degree writing papers and NO ONE taught me this. I now understand why I can not get hired for administer jobs! Thank you.

vovka home says:


Claudia Friedel says:

Totally hypnotized by these–I am currently trying to automate converting Word Perfect documents to PDF–my processes is getting caught up by format issues–as WPDs have ti filter thru Word–do you have any tips or tricks for migration and format cleanup?

vovka home says:

too much talking,weak

daisiesetc says:

Thanks! Our company wants to move from Word Perfect to MS Word. This is very helpful!

Katherine Riggs says:

Thank you for posting this video. I would like to suggest that you encourage using list levels, rather than customizing a bunch of indents and tabs, when stepping down a level in a bullet-ed list. Simply click on the Bullet List Arrow on the Main Menu Ribbon, and select, “Change List Level”. MUCH easier!

Alex Rosén says:


Roy Vega says:

This kind of education must be a tool to become better humans in this planet. Thank you so much, grettings from Bogotá, Colombia

Ahmed Al-Hassan says:

thanks alot

Essua Georges says:

Good one there, it helped clear my doubt but i would love to have a video for section breaks, table of content and reference note if possible.

Kimberly Myles says:

Can you do one about Page Breaks/Section Breaks. I run into problems sometimes when I’m working in Headers and Footers

Dorina Petco says:

This video is AMAZING. Thanks so much for making it.

Howard Boehm says:

I watched a few of your word videos. Wow. I have been trying to master word since the early days and as a Old Word Perfect user it was a completely different concept. I have got to the point that my documents work well for our business. I do a lot of long documents, Leases etc. The are all mail merge documents that complete the contract. Every one of your videos speaks to me in a language I can completely understand and comprehend. I would love to see some videos on advanced Mail Merge and Master Documents. Thank You and these are the best word videos I have come across. As a side note I am 70 years old and I spend about an hour and a half everyday watching videos on software I use in my business. I am not happy till I truly master the software I have. I have been in business for 41 Years and don’t plan on retiring till I am around 80. Still a lot to learn.

ACE1252 says:

Very nice video. I found it very, very helpful! Well done on the instruction.

Benedict Lego says:

thank you great video huge help


If you sold a course on Microsoft – you would sell thousands…your style is excellent. I am one who can use word but find myself needing that bit extra.
…Having to find work in an office setting – moving from warehouse work it seems my knowledge is lacking. Thinking I know enough to get by ,in practical terms complicated letter layouts make for mistake after mistake, setting one out. Having seen a few of your vids I hope you carry on and do ones which apply in a real-world setting. Doing a full microsoft course to sell would be a winner.

Michael Ford says:

I’m not an admin professional by any means however, your videos keep my knowledge rolling. I am able to write my own professional grade documents. Thanks!


Dear Sir, I have confusion in using themes,colors,fonts in office 2013. please share any video regarding it. Thanks in advance.

Ben Gregory says:

Hey this was pretty awesome. I’m an engineering who’s been using word for years but am transitioning into project management where this stuff is critical. It was really great how you broke all of that down, somewhere in my educational history none of this was ever touched on. I’m assuming none of the people who taught me really KNEW word. keep doing these.

Wenell Rexford says:

Hello Scott,
Thank you for the great explanation! I never have time to research how to write in APA format but tonight I came across your video. It will help! I do have a request for an instructional video, how to use Blackboard. Blackboard is used by universities for online classes. The ribbon is completely different than anything I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it’s because it’s an old program or one just for Blackboard? I spend hours writing papers while simultaneously looking up formatting requirements in my APA book only to copy and past a disaster into Blackboard. I’m in a graduate program and continue to get points deducted because my running head and page number don’t copy over. I don’t know if you are able to access Blackboard without being a student, but if you can, consider helping nursing students all over the world submit papers as they look when created in a word doc.
Very Sincerely,

Teresa Pietrandrea says:

Thank you for your video. Your video is helping me to fine tune my skills even further and making it so much easier. Looking forward to future videos.

Deb Lehman says:

Love your videos. I would like to know if I can use Section Breaks to change styles and header font colors in a large document?

ngn mA says:

can someone help me about keeping spacing consistent in a word document?
i have igcse in 2 days:(

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