How to Use Tables in Microsoft Word 2007

This video was designed for students in a professional writing class at the University of South Florida. It demonstrates basic table manipulation in Word 2007, especially when used to design a resume. It covers things like inserting a table, changing cell sizes, merging cells, and making borders visible or invisible.


Devlin Chanda says:

very helpful

Positive Manifestations says:

Thank you, sir. I came here to learn how to use tables to fomat a case assessment for my Human Services class.

Zulfiqar Ahmed says:


Dark HNTr says:

what was 2:32 that ??

Anthony Young says:

I love this video, this is exactly what I’ve been trying to find. Thank you.

jay fawn says:


azar match says:

The instructions were useful , the only thing is that he talks too much , too many unneccessary words , jokes and stuff , if you shut down the voice , it’s worth of watching it !!!

Leye Tinuoye says:

thanx,bro.God bless!

Danny Lee says:


Vinny Stef says:

Thanks so much!It helped me with my school project!

dance with sandali pandey says:


Seve 5711 says:

Really helpful thanks . I hate using word and always default to excel when I need a table. Will give it a next time though.

Jagmohan singh says:

nice job

Dtom Bunnylop says:

who is watching this in 2017 🙂

Monek Aja says:


GYPSY Twin11 says:

Thanks so much, I know this is old, but sooooo helpful

CHIMCHIM India says:


Niaz Khan says:

thank u so much for this wonderful videos ,,,could u plz provide us a full video of MS WORD.

Sergio Munoz says:

The blue lines don’t show on my computer. I can move the invisible lines but the lines don’t show.

Rakib Nizam says:


mymy yang says:

Great video! Helpful, short and patient.

MANI P says:


sanjeet patel says:

I need to know, when I protect my dcmt it will nobady can copy aslo..,

Dixit Koteshwar says:


md sakib shaikh says:

Thankx sir

African Peanut says:

very useful!

Life Cool says:


sri latha29 says:

Tq so much

Avery Goodwitch says:

Very easy to follow. It was very helpful.
Thank you!!!

C Cook says:

Excellent. Covers everything, clearly and simply, in just a few minutes. Solved some simple things that have been annoying me for years.

Horatia Kempfer says:

*Can anyone write my essay?*

Melissa says:

How to fit the table to the page ?

Abdurrehman Khan says:

nice sir

Techno Expert says:

Nice Post….. Get More Update about MS OFFICE…

Jayeeta Guha says:

hey thanks

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