How to write a resume / CV with Microsoft Word

In this video I show you how to write a lean mean résumé using Microsoft Word. Yes I am aware of the Reward/ing. error.


Aananda Patil says:

sir ITI valonky leiy bnaiy Resume

Technolgy tricks says:

how to make resume on your phone

Юлия Папуша says:

Oh, Professional Teacher ! Thank you a lot for your very helpful video ! After two days of creating my resume finally i found you !

A7 says:

can you Upload the file ??

Ramakrishnan Visweswar says:

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Buckblacket says:

I can fit the whole of my left fist under my right armpit so it’s completely hidden. I know, if I add that to my resume it’s bound to make a difference, right?

Khaled Atea says:

Is it mandatory to add reference at the end of the CV.

Wyaaa says:

This is really helpful! Thankyou ❤️

KohinaREC says:

I had to apply this a bit as I use a different version of Word and live in a country with different (lenient) résumé conventions, but as a struggling Word user this relly helped me to make my résumé and CV more coherent and lean. Now they look a lot less like jumbled mess.

Mir Hossain says:

Wonderfully explained. It also helped me how to use MS word.
Very helpful.
I loved it.

Saleena Shahi says:

Savior…please keep helping us……………………..

Wenguang LU says:

Thank you so much! Watched again to revise my CV.

Chathuranga Silva says:

thank you very mutch sir.

binit kant says:

well done brother.

The Subcontinent Academy says:

Best! Great video 🙂
How to review your own CV, Click here – > #TheSubcontinentAcademy

Dinojan7 says:

thank you so much

Nancy Qiu says:

thank you a lot. The video is helpful, saving me money to paying templates from online.

Abir MEJRI says:

Good morning, thank you big time for this video, it helped me a lot making a good resume. I have one question: I am a student looking for a phd position, do I nned to add a “reference ” section in the resume or not? and thank you very much and keep the hard work

OzWare says:

Thank you!!! You helped countless people find job interviews and job!

Anar Qazıyev says:

can we use this method for education?

Rita Charli says:

Ms Word Complete Course.
For Professional use
By Tech Rj

Bipasa Ghosal says:

Pls make cv for fresher ….

Mama Tech says:

Pls send me format..

David Samuel says:

You literally help people get a job. Thank you! I got the job as a financial adviser at one of the biggest banks in East Europe!

karthik c says:

Extremely great .Sir Please make video for a fresher as a software will very useful for college students.Thank you.

Sufian Ali says:

very nice piece of work sir

Tanbir Tanbir says:

How to type on upper case

CE-Sabri says:

if any body need this template just redy made contact with me email :

John Otieno says:

This is more than helpful. Thank you so much

Thavirat Piriyothaisakul says:

u deserve a bigger and louder thanks.
really appreciate the guide.

Gotham Gt says:

Ty boss

Safà Bartali says:

The most helpful video I’ve ever watched….thank you

Mohamet Youssef says:

Thank you so much. The world needs people like you, keep going.

Bekim Muja says:

you suck

pamdauber10 says:

Oh my goodness!! I can’t thank you enough for all of the excellent tips!! This was beyond helpful! Thank you, thank you.

BoardshortandT says:

I’ve gotten 2 jobs with this resume!!

Adnan Bhutta says:


Fun 4 You says:

Mai apne resume me spacing kaise manage kare

Maverick Shaq says:

Do you accept donation? Because you are a beast O_O/ I want to show more than say thanks. You deserve it.

Sanish K Samuel says:

This was very helpful, God bless you

Maan Saab says:


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