Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016 – Getting Started Tutorial for Beginners

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A brief introduction to the popular Word 2016 application. We’ll cover the below topics.

• Creating / Opening Documents
• Typing Text (Paragraphs, Bullets, Titles)
o Styles!
o Changing Fonts, Size, Bold, Italics, Underline
• Headings as Bookmarks (Automatic Table of Contents)
• Changing Designs
• Page Margins
• Spell Check (F7)

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TheWendolGuild says:

great video i learned nothing

Daniel Medina says:

hi brayan

jamal uddin says:

really appreciated

MrsMawdukes says:

God help me! I really need this and can’t get it to play on my laptop!

Louis Pisani says:

finally someone that explains in correct english what microsoft word is about and does not skip around and not in his own world…!! like the other tutorials…

David bismark says:

Please disregard my last message as your excellent video answered my question. Thanks

Marcos Guillén Fernández says:

very good tutorial

Sheila Lebron says:

I was looking for more advanced editing instructions, but I watched this one because I thought, perhaps, the unknown edit might go back to basics; therefore missing its importance in advanced editings. I’m so glad I watched it because I found it. It was so very simple! Thanks for the clear, thorough explanation you’ve provided. You should consider making more videos 😉

Barry Oneill says:

How do you copy and paste without the format being changed?

TJ Y says:

intro to word MS 144

David bismark says:

Hi chris . How do you add pages. For example. a document that has 5 pages

Sheila Lebron says:

>>> Holy Crap<<< My advice was said needlessly! I just went to your channel, and, "GOOD MOTHER OF GOD!" You have tons of videos! Kudos to you, Sir. I have subscribed. There are many other, highly instructional video tutorials of different programs that I actually love. Kudos to you, once more! Thank you!

SuperFlashDriver says:

Hey Chris, What would be the difference between Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft Word 2016?

Raven Dove says:

Thanks a lot!!

mark72080 says:

good video thx

Marcos Guillén Fernández says:

viva vegggetta

sandhya b.k. says:

thanks u


thanks a lot!
i will take ur videos tutorials to upload it in my drive, and it will be shareable.. can i?

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