Microsoft Word 2010 formatting Tables – Table properties – Tutorial 20

Microsoft word 2010 Tutorial on how to format Tables, Table Properties, adjust Row heights and Columns widths, Merge cells, Split cells, Align text vertically and horizontally, Text direction, Add rows, Split tables.


dada dadadze says:


srikanth reddy Chennuri says:


Sedley Proctor says:

Fantastically clear. Thanks a lot.

dggd says:

You’re the best! Thanks.

Zama Ndefru says:

Dave; just super! I have always been depending on the secretary to do all of these but you make it so easy I can do it at home anytime.. You cannot imagine how much help this has been to me. Thanks a bundle.

David Ladu says:

Thanks. You helped a soul out….

Abdul Gaffar says:

Thnx vry vry vry much…..

Bill Wolcik says:

Awesome tutorial/easy to follow and Explained in depth. New to Microsoft Word
and you are making it very easy to learn. THANX Dave!!!

Sarah Brecher says:

Thank you, someone who knows how to make a table and explain it.  Can’tvthank you enough.

Alex Scott says:

What stupid accent is this

MagicaLucem says:

What a sensible logical and enthusiastic presentation and presenter.
Just Brilliant.
You made an otherwise scary topic so clear and straightforward.
And what a great reassuring voice. …that builds confidence.
Many many thanks.

mohana chandran panicker says:

Really, brilliant.

alimoding malimgas says:

Thank you sir, really appreciated I’m sure everyone caught some techniques how to make rows tables…keep some doer videos were help for us… …^^*

TheAtak47 says:

Mr Bean is speaking :DDD

Warrantti says:

Thank you very much for your excellent TEIIIBL video.

Kee Vivian says:

Did Microsoft Word 2010 have the function to translate a voice recorder into minutes we take in a meeting

Desmond Walker says:

Simply Brilliant. Love it.

Emily Crincoli says:

how do you center a table horizontally?

modern tech says:

Upto the Mark. Thanks

Flora Moraitini says:

thank you very much. superb explanations

cuteka arika says:


Martha Gonzales says:

Your explanation is very clear. I need to know how to create templates, do you have a video tutorial? Thank you

Vladimir Pavić says:


athleticman says:

Brilliant video

Katherine Dobbs Roberts says:

Dave, thank you so much for your videos.  I have been trying to recreate a document in Word that I have made in Excel.  I am experiencing a problem with the columns expanding outside the margins.  I would like to make the table so that it will not exceed the margins.  Is there a way to do that?  Thank you so much.

LarasHadEnough says:

Gosh, wish I had found you 2 years ago. Excellent presentation Dave. Thank you.

arc27 says:

loved this video!!! your accent made learning Word tables positively fun. 🙂

binju maharjan says:

after writing how to put into the box ??

Conor Wickham says:

Great video, thanks, really helpful

Barry Brown says:

Hi Dave. Thanks for all the videos. I haven’t used MS Word very much in the last few years. But now that I have MS Word 2010 it has been an excellent experience watching and learning new and old ways of getting around, plus things I either didn’t know or have forgotten over the years. I started watching your videos to learn about headers and footers, in particular about adding pictures for making company graphics. I’m still having problems and was wondering if you could make a video to help me.

Katherine Dobbs Roberts says:

Also, why am I getting a blank page after I insert 2 tables that take up the entire page each?  I can’t seem to get it to go away!

sacd2000 says:

Tables in a table !! This is exactly what I was looking for, you saved hours,,,,,
Thank you..

Rajesh Gorkhali says:

Hi I want to make a table that covers all of A4 size and wanted to put the heading in a horizontal way could u pls help me. Thankyou in advance.

steve birt says:

Brilliant video,many thanks

Prusha Jaza says:

thank you daves

Marilyn Mesa says:


Karen simnett says:

Thank you so much Dave that was really helpful!

VitaBruti says:

Thank you for this video, Dave!

yasir hilal says:

Thank you mate

Barry Brown says:

My header consists of a picture/logo of our volunteer fire department and then our departments name centered to that. The funny thing is I made the original header and now I can’t reproduce it nor can I copy it. I have it saved as our letterhead in MS Word templates but once in awhile I need to add it to a different document header, usually a rough draft of something the fire chief wants done into a final draft. Is there away I can save it and just copy it? Thanks for your help.

Mohammad Mahdi says:

thank u sir very helpful

Ms. Mack says:

I was struggling to merge cells on a table. Your video help me! Thanks!

thomas brixton says:

BRILLIANT thank-you sooooo much

seaofclay says:

Thank you X

Al Adams says:

Hello Dave
Can you tell me if there is a way, when two tables are split, to bring them together? So that if there were words in the first cells of the tow tables, you could alphabetize them. I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

C. Scott says:

Thank you, although I have been using tables for years I didn’t know I could do all this. Cheers

CLASS says:

i like your tutorials. thanks daves

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