Microsoft Word 2010 Paragraph formatting – Tutorial 12

Microsoft word 2010 Tutorial on Paragraph Formatting. Align Text, Line Spacing, Indents.


Ayodele Adebayo says:

Thank you so much, this is very informative for me!

ngveantat says:

hi i’m using word 2013. is there a way to join several paragraphs into one single paragraph? 

samsatya pitla says:

it’s very useful video

Jordan Domney says:

v cwl c sweg i like it

Winsome Purrier says:

very informative

Bojan Djokic says:

Thanks! A very simple and concise set of tutorials. Would you make some explanations of Quick Parts (Field,Building Blocks Organizer) please?

geraldine inong says:

thanks..! that really help on my report in ICT 🙂

Shaunda Yvette says:


Eric Tyce says:

good video dave’s a lovely old fella

seaofclay says:

Thank you, this is helping me on my course…. Cheers! X

Ahmed Ali says:

Thank you sir

9hoser says:

Thank you! Easy to understand. Very direct.

SimplyTaya says:

Thank you!!!

mavic belza says:

thank you so much…..ived learned…

Meng Lee says:

what is the definition of,”Microsoft 2013 Paragraph?”.

Jann Bazz says:

Thank you sir

bonnie43uk says:

very informative, .. thanks very much.

Satyendra Nohwar says:

thanks a million a precise tutorial for alignment and line spacing I ‘ve elucidated my queries thanks a million again

DavesEasyTutorials says:

Try watching Tutorials 13,14,and 15, these might answer your question.

Thank You

Eddy Q says:

A little bit recitative but otherwise very useful.

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