Microsoft Word 2010 – Review (Comment & Track)

How to use Microsoft Word to Review (Comment & Track) student work


lovajuma says:

excellent but audio is bad, it has an echo…

casanovasky says:

Thanks. Very clear video!

petra-ann willocks says:

Thanks much, very straightforward and simple

David Hurford says:


Tabitha Byrd says:

Thank you, very helpful.

Vickie Buzzard says:

Very helpful information. I have taken a couple of classes with Microsoft Word and have never been shown this. Thank you for showing us this.

Yolanda Smith says:

This is the bomb!!!! I had no idea you could grade papers in word. I am so excited to use this feature in my class.

Duane Barry says:

Thank you. Short and to the point.

J. T. Joseph says:

Does this mode, effect the word count from the original document?

Max Tofone says:

Thanks a lot for this useful tutorial!

sam bou says:

Thank uou very much mate….short, clear and to the point!!

maheshwmp says:

Thank you very much for the valuable and clear information.

Kaizoku Mugiwara says:

This video was great. My professor is driving me crazy by saying that I need to check the “Comments” in the margins, but I keep following the directions to detect the comments and nothing is showing up. But by showing me how to do comments from the beginning, I now know that I didn’t have any.

Farouk Serageldin says:

Thank you so much, that was awesome!

Jenice Brandon says:

This really was helpful for grading expectations thank you very much!

cassie j says:

Thank you! This helped so much

yvette cooper says:

thank you for showing me how to comment and track documents. Was real easy to follow.

Armageddonize says:

i dont have Review, only View

Rabia S says:

Really helpful! Thank you for doing this video

Droit Chemin says:

Than you Sr

MrJo says:

Nice walkthroug; in addition you might want to also look into Accepting and rejecting changes.


Thank you!

Carlos Ser says:

Thank you so much, this was very helpfull.

josiemax says:

Very helpful, thanks.

Thor Hamm says:

Thank you.

Joleen146 says:

Thank you, very informative and helpful.

Karen Miller says:

Appreciate the clarity and hints for grading. Thanks!

Mooketsi Nthite says:

unfortunately i have Microsoft Word Starter and it doesnt have the TRACK CHANGES feature, my assignment is due in two days>>Where can i DL Word 2010 for free or trial version?? Or can i do this with Word Online???

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