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During this Word 2013 tutorial, you’ll learn the Ribbon interface in addition to touch capability features.

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Hello again and welcome back to our course on Word 2013. In this section, we’re going to look a little bit more closely at the Ribbon. I’ve mentioned the Ribbon a couple of times and if you haven’t used a recent Microsoft Office program, you may be unfamiliar with the Ribbon. Even if you have there are some important changes in this version of Word and Office.

So let’s deal with what is probably the most important change first. If you look above the Ribbon on this little bar, the top left here, the Quick Access Toolbar, there is a pointing finger icon. And this says Touch/Mouse Mode as its screen tip. And this is the way that you switch the Ribbon between touch and mouse mode. Now the main difference between touch and mouse mode is that when Microsoft looked at Office 2013, they decided one of the problems with accommodating touch is that the commands on the Ribbon, all these buttons you can see grayed out here, all of this, these are far too close together for many people’s fingers. If you’ve got fairly fat fingers like mine, it’s quite difficult to pick out a particular command.

So if you click on or tap on that command, Touch/Mouse Mode watch what happens to the Ribbon. You get a choice between mouse where you’ve got standard Ribbon commands, this is optimized for use with the mouse, and then you get more space between the commands.

So this is optimized for use with touch. So I’m going to tap on that, now watch what happens to the Ribbon. You can see that everything is spaced out much more. Now there is a price to pay for this if you’re using touch and that is that the Ribbon itself takes up more space on the screen, but I’ll come back to that point in just a moment. The first thing is if you’re using touch, you may want to have the Ribbon set that way. I’m going to set the Ribbon back at mouse mode. But everything I’m talking about from now on in relation to the Ribbon, etc. is exactly the same for both. It’s really only a question of whether you want more space so that you can tap on the commands more easily if you’re using touch. So let me just go back into mouse mode.

So now let me open one of the previous documents. Let’s just open Hello World again. And let’s talk about what’s on the Ribbon. The Ribbon is effectively divided into what are called Tabs and the names of the tabs are along the top here. One of the tabs will have this sort of rectangle around it. It’s sort of highlighted. That’s the highlighted tab. Currently that’s the Home tab. If I click on the word Insert, that’s the Insert tab. Design tab, Page Layout tab, References, and so on. Now there are in fact several other tabs and you can’t see them at the moment. They are available but you can’t see them. I’ll come back to that in just a moment.

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Janee Winland says:

Subbed and thumbs up! Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial. Now, do you have a video tut on how to place, edit images, undo an anchor with images, add, change and remove borders around images and other parts of a document during creation of a doc? Have to learn MW2013 and use it to finish school work. And the person I am trying to help with their school work document(s), is not at all familiar with this program, very frustrated, and is due by Tuesday. His next one is also due by Tuesday as well! SO— IF you can please PLEASE be a lifesaver, and direct me toward such a tutorial video you may have? I appreciate it very much. And you have my sincere gratitude in advance. Thank you!

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Nomusa Keninda says:

Thank you very, I am training teachers in to Windows 8 and office 2013. it is helpful.

iDespiseMicrosoftWindows says:

Basically what he’s trying to tell us is get pages

Jamauria Wilcox says:

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ajmal jalali says:

I want to say, thanks.

Eli Bwalanda says:

yo simon you don’t know how to explain what about the ribbon the panel nah mean ahhhh

Suniti Chakrabarti says:

Brilliant video with very clear, precise explanations and visual demonstrations. 
Many thanks.
Suniti Chakrabarti

Hezekiah Alexander says:

good job

John Penney says:

Simon: This is a brilliant course. I have a Word 2013 Brazilian Portuguese version, purchased in Brazil. . The tabs therefore appear in Portuguese. Is there any way I can change the ribbon into English?

Wendy Stubbs says:

How did you get your pages to turn – cool look!

Elaine Murphy says:

Tremendous help. Thank you.

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Keshawn Hamilton says:

you is so lame bro

Sherry Campbell says:

You made this straightforward and simple. I am just starting this class after using Word 2010, I am not as apprehensive as before. Thank you!

Jefferson Phakoh says:

you did your best , i think it great here in South Africa

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