Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorial – Tabs

A tutorial series created specifically for people to learn the basics and where to start with Microsoft Word 2013. This series will take you from novice to pro!

Video covers:

* First line indents
* Hanging indents
* DON’T space bar things
* Tab key
* Tab types
* Creating tabs
* Formatting a table with tabs


Jake Records says:

I learned how to insert a picture and make a title easier

Mitchell Johnson says:

Learned a lot that i did not know that you could do with Word

Tyler Brown says:

This was a good and informative video

jacky chawla says:


Martha Garcia says:

very informative
Mr. Kuchta

Gunner Ziegman says:

Wow! Great info.

Ryan Brown says:

cool i like microsoft word

Jan Mitchell says:

Thank you – really appreciate your work putting these tutorials together. I have used Word for years and never, ever understood tap stops. I love your easy manner and style.

Asma Al-Qahtani says:

!Thank you to the moon and back!!!!! I cannnnnoooot believe I understand tab stops NOW

Maureen Belk says:

I learned a great deal from this short video. Although I am in the US and the centimeters don’t apply here (we still use inches), I learned that there are different types of tabs, like left, center, decimal, right, etc. I did not know that before, and I have been using Word for many years. I also learned about the quick tip given at the end regarding signature lines. It was a hidden gem at the end, so I’m glad I stayed with it and watched the entire video! Thanks for your great work on this!

Anthony Campagna says:

helps with spacing and margins

vovka home says:

too much talking, fair

Lauren McIver says:

i learned how to indent paragraphs

Tucker Cox says:

Thanks so much! I knew a lot about tabs, but not enough, really. The tutorial will save me even more time.

jacky chawla says:


Arun Joshi says:

Very well made, well presented, well organized. Would you plz explain the tab dialogue box? It is not very user friendly.

Susan McNulty says:

Fantastic help. Thank you.
What about when automatic formatting locks in and yet I want the RH words to be aligned?

Joel Rosso says:

Thank you for posting this tutorial, no bullshit and to the point!

Phillip Jaffe says:


Meredith Flanagan says:

clear points

Donovan Warfield says:

Great vid!

john woodfield says:

Hi Nicholas, Thanks for your help with Tabs.  Cheers   John

Shane Henderson says:

Great tips

ShuYang Lin says:

This is very very hard

FIK K says:

Awesome tutorials.Learned so much!!! Many thanks

ekrem cihat says:

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so good man thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

punjabiexplorer says:

wow ….. Nirvana !! Just found God …. through this video !! Lovely.

Sunshine Best says:

I’m at work and am being forced to use Word opposed to my beloved (and free) Google Docs. I’m grateful this was easy enough follow so I can knock out a few forms from scratch. Thanks for the succinct level of detail in brief demonstration I could watch at work without getting caught. 😉

Alexandra Hadgis says:

I learned how to make works in different fonts and how to insert pictures

Sahr steven saffa says:

oh i love the tutorial it really helpful

iIZFUEGO says:

Thank you for the help

prathamesh sawant says:

thanx bro it was helpful 🙂

Kevin Hoang says:

SO helpful

Michael Lyman says:

Great vid!

Conservative Videos says:

How do you make the ruler larger?

carmen gomez says:

extremely helpful to a novice as myself. Thank you.

Hetal Patel says:

It is worth learning!!! thank you…:)

Radhakrishnan Amuthan says:

Thanks mate good one

James Kelling says:

I liked the tip on adding underscores

Udaiyappan Nanjappan says:

i have watched ur all videos abt word 2013 its very useful. Thank you Nicholas

Evan Spencer says:

I learned that you can change the length of the indent.

You've been potatoed says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

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