Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorials – Page Layout

A tutorial series created specifically for people to learn the basics and where to start with Microsoft Word 2013. This series will take you from novice to pro!

Video covers:

* Changing page Margins
* Changing the page size
* Inserting and working with page columns
* Inserting page different page breaks
* Changing page orientation
* Changing different page orientation


Basho Bash says:


Meredith Flanagan says:

learned easier ways and short cuts

PCLHH says:

That =rand(10) thing really work. Thanks for these tutorials, Mr. Dingle.

Anthea Findley says:

Hi, I touched something by mistake and I am seeing a number of pages at a time instead of one page at a time, help!

Receylin Pine says:

you are great thank you so much !

Fisaro Angel says:

Thank you (Y)

Asad Jaleel says:

Great video! I’m working on a project where the first few pages have to be numbered in Roman numerals and the following pages have to be in Arabic numerals. Now that I know how to make section breaks, I can do that.

Muhammad Abdullah Bangash says:

nice video

tom tomtj says:

How to Change Page Order in office 2016 (word)

Eoghan Bolster says:

Brilliant! super helpful 🙂 Great speaking style too, fun and easy-going!

TheLegendaryAnts !!! says:

I want to know how to remove the whole header and footer plz

dolleli teeluck says:

really helpful..thanks a lot

Wisdom :] says:

great video

ebrahim yunus says:

video needs to be more sharp

Basho Bash says:

You should proud of yourself Nicholas

Receylin Pine says:

hoping you did some tutorials on excel as well

Gamer boller! says:

Sir thank you so much for sharing this for free to all. GOD BLESS YOU♥☺☺☺

Kevin Stagg says:

OK – first off: =rand(#) ! OMG. Lifesaver. No more having copy/paste Lorem Ipsum. HUGE.
Secondly – the “swap orientation” function is fantastic – exactly the fix for something I’m working on.
Third – Inches are the way to go. We Yanks and the Brits know the way to go are inches/pounds.

Keep up the great tutorials. Fantastic job!

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