Microsoft Word for iPad Tutorial and Feature Overview

A tutorial for Microsoft Word for iPad. The entire Microsoft Office suite is available for FREE, allowing users to create and edit documents on the go.

Office 365 members get some more advanced editing features, as well as 1TB OneDrive cloud and applications available for PC and Mac.

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Tomie Ito says:

I just want to know how to convert a document to pdf form

jervis gangdia says:

Please how can i see the word count?

Νίκος ΜΥΣΤΑΚΙΔΗΣ says:

How can I make new page

Ar Bhaw says:

I cannot write any words on my Microsoft of iPad pro

anastasios georgiou says:

ummm do you have to buy it or does it come with the iPad

Eyu ! says:



How can u see how many words u typed

Angel Portel says:

How to change the captitalization or case of text?

Botellita De Jerez says:

How can I make circle writing ( Ingrid but I can’t

Joey Cummens says:

How can I check the word count? I have it on Android.

Arta mn says:

How can we count the words on it?!

James Bunyard says:

Helpful…. but can I ask on Windows pcs you get the drop down box with spelling mistakes. Also what about the box with thesaurus options?

Barry Oneill says:

Video doesn’t cover copy and paste?
It seems Microsoft deleted this option?
Also various fonts are gone,
I prefer “times roman” thats also gone?

I cant find anything online how to do these thing
I press, “select all” but nothing cones up for copie and paste at all?

Kiara Advani says:

how to use more colour option?

FabChristy Lynch says:

How do i turn on Tracking?

FifaBrace says:

How do you see your word count? Does anyone know?

Timothy Bennett says:

Using the resume template. The first page is using square tan bullets at each of the skills for the jobs I have down. I have an internship I served in HR at a hospital. As such, it required using a second page. I figured out how to get the bullets to be square and tan but can not get them to line up with the ones on the first page. The first page has it’s bullets one space to the right under the second letter of each Job Title I have entered but the second page puts the bullets 2 spaces to the right whether I use the bullet pulldown, the number 1 or an asterisk. Any ideas?

H&M. *challenges says:

Looking good

Petru Voinescu says:

office 365 isn’t office suite, but is a subscription. kinda scam

Safia Shrief says:

How to insert references ?

Eingel The Great says:

How do you add a page

Harn Seng says:

Hello, what wrong with my micro on iPad. Plz tell me who know the problem.

torok says:

Thanks, this was helpful

Raw Tee says:

My iPhone WORD Looks nothing like this video!
Menus mostly!
Actually the whole ribbon
On mine show a lot less controls/menus
On my PC It looks the same as video

Jaymark Jumapao says:

I have a question how to manage your legal size in ms word app? 2019 heree

Samar Singhal says:

cant you speak properly

tfuntowatch says:

Is it possible to arrange two word documents one below each other?

Raza Saigol says:

How do you add signature line to the word document on iPad?

Rin Tachibana says:

How do you add reference?

Nicole Zenga says:

How do you add the developer tab to the ribbon? Thank you!

Amelia MacKenzie-Gray-Hyre says:

How do you edit column margins? Not a table. Actual column widths.

Hannah Zyre Apolinario says:

How to change the opacity?

XxPsycho_GenxX says:

How can I “drop cap”?

Glen Abad says:

How to enable editing

Sohel Rana says:

How to install fonts?

alpharexinfinity XD says:

can u insert shapes?

Abdul Wasay says:

Mine dosent type

Slapfacegamer says:


OwO Lachie3156 says:


venkatasrilakshmi kandula says:

How to delete extra pages ?

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