Microsoft Word – Heading formatting and table of contents

Setting up Heading formatting and numbering as well as tables of contents for Scientific reports, documents and Theses

This is part of a series of tutorials designed to help research scientists in the use of certain software applications commonly used in scientific laboratory work.

You can find the entire set of tutorial videos here:

The screencast videos have been made by the author (Dr James Clark, King’s College London) in response to common questions raised by students on BSc and MSc courses and are recorded using Camtasia Studio. The content is targeted at students of all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as professional research scientists.

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diyar ali says:

thanks a lot for this informations

kristel herdz says:

Thanks for this tutorial… really big help! 🙂

Guo Hao Teng says:

Help! My sub-chapter/ heading 2 is not work!
even i select it as heading 2, instead of being 1.1, it became 2.
What should I do?

Michelle Pitts says:

You, sir, have just become my hero.

Paul da Costa says:

Hi, this was just perfect. Nothing less than that.
Thank you very much for this. Instantly subscribed.
Cheers =)

Dr.Peeyush Caroli says:

Thanks. It helped.

Jordy Molina says:

I wish I would have learned this a long time ago; it is so useful!

Himanshu A. Chauhan says:

Excellent Video…
Thesis writing and document mapping made easier.

Mastering the arts says:

this was “the” best of what i watched

Nyemo Chilagane says:

Thank you so much..

Durga P says:

When I opening ms word page the black page coming in boxes boxes black page how to remove

Abdul Salam says:

very very useful information . . . . . . . i have wasted a lot of time on other videos and did not find which i need . . . . .
in this video i find every thing for my thesis
very useful information in this video

jenset jones says:

no wonder you’ve got a million views …. nice and easy

Anthony Fernandes says:

Thank you. Very helpful, indeed!

Jonathan Reynaldi says:

Awesome Video = Subscribed

Video Game Basement says:

So very helpful. Thanks for the upload!

Kathryn Kimbley says:

OMG Where have you been all my life?!?!!? I only recently discovered that this function existed through a friend and he’d not had the time to show me. This video has been priceless to learn how to do it step by step. I think I’ll save the template I created as a basic one I can work from so I don’t have to do it every time. Thank you ever so much!


when I type the courser goes back , did I press something please ,why it is happen , thanks for this great video

Ariek Wisnu Wibisono says:

life saver, thanks for the vids

Elia Arabi says:

5 stars Quality
Thank you

Milan Midžović says:

Thank you so much. very helpful.

Z nOon says:

Hi. Thank U for your great video. I have a problem: Some how I think I did this wrong and all of my content in the whole file is in the table of content!!! and I can’t do anything because when I want to edit even a single word, my file just shut down and stops working. Also when I want to remove table all of my content removes. I’m in deep s**t. Please help me.

Wenguang LU says:

I must say big THANK YOU to you. This is really clear and helpful.

David Drew says:

Clear and concise. Thank you.

maarakailet1 says:

How do you turn off the section collapse feature? It’s useful in dissertations, but my documents are shorter, and the option is just making the use of word clunky.

Adrian Swaby says:

Calibre call Sutton

Yohana Li says:

It look better with different size letter for the titles, sadly for my thesis can only use size 12 xD for everthing

Adrian Swaby says:

Puerto Rico Man
Name Tubby

Eric Erickson says:

Best formating tutorial I’ve seen so far. Thanks so much.

Nonhlanhla M says:

Thank you so very much!

Kolajo Adeyinka says:

Seriously this is a very complex tutorial in a simplest form, something unusual on YouTube, more like a commercial tutorial, I really appreciate this.

Olabode Olajide says:

This is very interesting teaching

Rameshkumar Nadimuthu says:

really good video.. thanks

Adrian Swaby says:

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