Word 2010 Tutorial | Styles & Formatting | Full Course

Word 2010 Tutorials | Styles

– What are styles?
– Applying styles.
– Types of styles.
– Creating a paragraph style.
– Creating a character style.
– Modifying a style.
– Enabling automatic style updating.
– Deleting a style.

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Kazlauskaitė Jūratė says:

Really hepful. Thank you! :))

Jonathan Brown says:

Perfect. Many thanks

Mohamed Gamal says:

and many thanks for this video

cafu26 says:

Thankyou very much… This is very useful..

Thinkwit says:

Yeah, all good stuff. Once you’ve learned style-based formatting you never revert to ‘toolbar formatting’. But David could have made it clearer that, having named your new style etc. you can turn ‘Automatically update’ on to format the style interactively (on screen, within the document/page itself—like an ‘in full context preview’— instead of through the dialog boxes) using the toolbar controls until it looks like you want it to. Then turn ‘Automatically update’ off so you don’t change it again with toolbar overrides (toolbar formatting will apply but it won’t change the style’s format, just the text you’ve applied it to—but you shouldn’t really need to do this). Interactive, toolbar formatting of a style is useful if, for example, you want to play with indents and don’t really know what values to set, Just use the sliders in the ruler to get what you want and, because Automatically update is on, those settings become the style’s setting. Once you turn ‘Automatically update’ off, any changes will not change the style’s settings, just the selected text (basically such changes are ‘toolbar style-overrides’—but they are seldom necessary, your styles should take care of all your formatting requirements).

egadsitssad says:

you are the man Murray!

Nadeem Iqbal says:

I’m very glad to see a very good teacher Thank u so much for uploading lesson

TheShizue777 says:

From start to finish on all of these tutorials, just plain perfect. Well produced, definitely. Extremely well presented. I feel as if I’m having private tutorials with you, David Murray. Thank you so much. I am recommending your online lessons to all my friends.

Greg Hill says:

Very well done and helpful.

suzie ashley says:

Learn a. Lot .

ailon meir says:


Anh Nguyen says:

thank u so much

Muzn Jamal says:

thanks to your explanation

Psiredem says:

Insanely useful! Thank you a hundred times!

qalk100 says:

thanks a lot. its really helpful and great.

Russ says:

Excellent tie, David Murray. Good lesson too.

LittleMissVigor says:

David, I just found your video on styles through a search. THANK YOU for posting this! I needed a quick tutorial for an upcoming typing test.  This has told me everything I need to know.  Very useful, thanks very much!  😀

Alex K says:

Very very good video, David. It helped me a lot, thanks!

nattysong88 says:

really well explained and helpful… thank u very much! 🙂

Bob Dunford says:

designed my own family tree ,only needs text under each person ,please explain how i can do thid,after puter my first box in and writing the text ,how do i start a new text box ,without upsetting the first text box,please can you email me on this problem

P. Alexander says:

Very helpful! I’m an e-book writer and need to master Styles to upload to Amazon. Thanks so much!

sunday ODUBU says:

Very good job,God bless you!

Steven Nicholls says:

Yes very clear and understandable and more importantly very usable. Have you done anything on cross referencing and auto text?

Kay Jay says:

Totally Awesome! You rock young man. Thanks a lot…………

Lisa Velazquez says:

Thank you David, you helped me do a formatting on a book for a project I’m working on.

rousdee says:

thank you SIR for your explanation.

Wilfredo Dihar says:

thanks 🙂

Pauline Karlwatman says:


lindysd77 says:

Thanks for taking the time to record this!

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