Word 2013 (Office 365): A Full Tutorial of Most Features Part 1 of 2

A comprehensive tutorial on Microsoft Word 2013 to recharge your career and gain the proper skills for your resume. Concepts based. Easy to understand. Check out also our website: http://kaceli.com.

Working files to follow the video hands-on are available from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3-9HUBAvpxnWlFWekp2UHFvMVU


1:00 Getting started and general concepts
10:30 Using templates
12:30 Basic features under the home tab:
23:00 Using styles, etc.
29:30 Inserting a table in a document
35:45 Inserting pictures and media in a document
41:30 Inserting SmartArt in a document
45:45 Inserting Headers and footers in a document
50:20 Inserting comments in a document
53:00 Applying a design theme to a document
55:30 Changing Margins, orientation and formatting in a document

This video covers:
– Getting started with Word 2013
– General tools under the Home Tab
– Formatting text
– Using styles to format text and creating new custom formatting styles.
– Inserting tables in a document
– Inserting pictures and media and customizing the media
– Inserting SmartArt in a document and customizing it
– Inserting Headers and footers in a document
– Applying a design theme to a document

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For other functionality, please check the other videos on this channel. Feel free to subscribe to the channel for the latest updates and refer other friends to it.


Naila Allakhverdiyeva says:

Good job! THank you!

Prasenjit Sen says:

Thanks for uploading!! Awesome tutorial

Kweli Nzito says:

While following your excellent demo, I found that the Title option in the Style Ribbon had two lines above and below the Title of my practice document in Word 365. It did not have a single line below the Title as it appears in your demo. How do I modify that Style to look like yours? Thanks!

Lolzey Beans says:

Can we edit a shape in smart art? E.g if I picked an organisational chart in smart art but it only has 3 columns/blocks, can I add 2 or 3 more ?

Technomaniac Dude says:

Good content

Shugarkhuu Burentogtokh says:

yaj tataj awah we help

Heather Bos says:

Red ‘Basic Features of Word: Home Tab’ (with picture) is in the way of the instructor and his yellow pointer. His name is already posted below. Suggest this visual be changed. For beginners, this is well done. For those that want a quick ‘refresher’, it would be helpful to ‘go to’ the area of interest. Moving the yellow pointer/cursor ‘too fast’ can cause vertigo issues with visually challenged individuals.

Aria Aria says:

Thanks very much for the awesome tutorial! Was very helpful.

Jynelle Daigle says:

What a wonderful Word tutorial! I’ve learned so much! Thank you Mr. Kaceli.

Zidahni Thomas says:

u helped me alot i was looking for this and ur link helped 🙂

LloydChristmas777 says:

Great video. Great tips. Thanks a lot. (Yes volume is too low).

SonOfExcalibur! says:

thank you Sali Kaceli

Nasser Albarqan says:

it is really productive tutorial, you bring up the most important aspects on the program

Craig Cothren says:

Get job BUT your pop ups for the most part where unnecessary and very distracting. To do less would make your videos more helpful I think.

Gopi Bandi says:


mattcalqsmith says:

i have a pretty hard question. I want to create a document that has a drop down menu to select a value(room type) from. Then after selecting that value i would need information for that room type to appear. That way i can easily select a room type for each part of my building and show the information i need, while not showing any information for the rooms i did not select is that possible

Katarzyna Pelczar says:

Great tutorial!!!! thank you

Are Bora says:

thank you its very helpful ,because no one taught me this before !!!

Prasenjit Sen says:

Please share me more links on MS office

Sarah Akwobi says:

Thanks and I will be glad if I will be able to use this in my new job

R Pulapaka says:

The presentation is excellent but the volume is so low that we can hardly hear even setting at max level. wish some thing is done to improve it. i find the problem is with this only.

WillJay8130 says:

Not really related to this but I hope full fingered typing is not required by office jobs.

Consciousness Reborn says:

Thanks a lot for the pointers! It was very informative for a first timer.

Kunal Singh says:

Hi Sali,

Thank you for the tutorial, it was really helpful. I am, however, struggling with a query for a long time now. Just as we are able to insert more excel sheets to an existing excel sheet (sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3…….), is there any MS Words version that’s allows the same feature? I would like to insert extra word pages just like we can in excel. Your guidance is highly appreciated.

Rotty Angel says:

Can’t wait to get started on this. Thank you.

Vikiana Villaflor says:

Oops! The working files are right up ↑. Thank you so much!

Emmanuel Zayzay says:

Thanks for the Tutorials, they are very helpful

Thokozani Mtshali says:

Where is part two?

peter banele baloyi says:

i know things through you Mr Kaceli keep doing the great job. i can now teach MS word 365 without any dought.. 🙂

Petar Petrovic says:

Heya, The coolest piano lessons that I have ever had was with piano key bop (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most helpful one that i tried.

Abojak Sesom says:

thanks for the upload let me download this and try it out myself later when i have all the time that i need other than spending money in institutes learning something that i can learn from here for free. once again thank you man i appreciate your time for us.

Alaa AbdulHussein says:

misleading because each feature and command are not complete

Tom C says:

That was a very informative video. Thank you very much I’m looking forward to watching the next one.

Leticia Ramirez says:

Sali you’re a wonderful teacher, Thank you so much!!!

sugarfalls1 says:

Thank you for being so thorough and explanatory on your video, Mr. Kaceli.  I needed to learn all the little nuances of the new version and you did it so beautifully!  Thanks for pointing out all the helpful tips — I have learned so much new stuff watching your video!  Thanks again ;).

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