Word 2013 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Tutorial on Word – Work Effectively

A comprehensive tutorial on Microsoft Word 2013 to recharge your career and gain the proper skills for your resume. Concepts based. Easy to understand. Check out also our website: http://kaceli.com.

Working files to follow the video hands-on are available from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3-9HUBAvpxnWlFWekp2UHFvMVU

1:00 Getting started and general concepts in Word 2013.
10:30 Learn how to use templates in Word 2013
12:30 Get started with Word the right way in Word 2013
23:00 Learn how to use formatting styles including heading 1, 2, etc and create and customize new ones in in Word 2013.
29:30 Learn how to create a table in a document in Word 2013
35:45 Learn how to insert pictures and media in a document in Word 2013
41:30 Learn how to use SmartArt in a document in Word 2013
45:45 Learn how to insert and user Headers and footers in a document
50:20 Learn how to use comments in a document in Word 2013
53:00 Learn how to apply a design theme to a document
55:30 Learn how to change the margins, orientation and formatting in a document in Word 2013
1:00:30 Learn how to create a Table of Contents in Word 2013
1:04:40 Inserting comments in a document
1:07:20 Learn ow to use references, works cited and creating a table of contents in Word 2013
1:16:00 Learn how to perform a Mailmerge: labels mail merge in Word 2013
1:24:00 Learn how to perform a regular Mailmerge: regular letters mail merge in in Word 2013
1:31:00 Learn how to perform an eMail mail merge in Word 2013.
1:40:55 Learn how to track changes in a document and collaboration in Word 2013
1:46:00 Learn how to compare documents in Word 2013
1:49:00 Spelling, Grammar and the View Tab
1:54:00 Creating a PDF Document

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULzckRZ8JtE

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Victoria Brown says:

Excellent tutorial, I always found the computer to be intimidating but after watching this presentation I feel empowered.
With respect to the Mail Merge, is it the same procedure for sending memorandum?

Ronald Rivera says:

Mr. Kaceli your videos on  Microsoft Office tutorials are the best I have found so far on youtube. I watched your 2010 and 2013 excel tutorial. I have to say I now LOVE excel. At you convenience, a tutorial on Outlook 2013 or 365 would be helpful. Great Job!

Rosa Carter says:

Thank you Professor Kaceli, this tutorial gave me a quick touch up.

becul12345 says:

awesome video Just wanted to know what ms word video you would recommend after watching and understanding this on thanks.

Liyana Yamin says:

Nicely done and explained. Truly appreciate it. Thank you for the video!

Monica Carter says:

Thank you so much for your tutorials! They have been so informative and easy to follow. I have watched both the word and excel tutorials. I am starting a new job soon and these two tutorials will be very helpful!

Jim Hannley says:

I watched the Excel series and found it easy to follow and very helpful in my practice. Thank you!

Danish Ayaz says:

you did the work exceptionally well , i learn a lot by your guids thanks a lot sir

rahul bhingarde says:

Awesome work Brother! Hats off to you

Gordon Pilcher says:

your wall paper looks to be One Tree Hill in Auckland New Zealand am I correct

Radius Redial says:

Very helpful. Thank you sir

mike Puda says:

Thank You Professer!!!

Alex Anderson says:

Does the Office 365 Microsoft Office online and offline version have the same features? full feature for online too?

ジェルりん says:

Thank you so much about this tutorial video this is very accurate and very helpful for me as a beginner.

Joannes Dias says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial …a boon not just to me but to others too who are willing to learn ..

Neetu Mishra Jha says:

very helpful…i like this amazing tutorial…

C C says:

Very useful word guide however I would like to learn about how to make different lines or underlining various word document. If you could provide some support I would be grateful. Thank you.

Shirish Shelke says:

Thank you for your valuable guidance, its very useful to all

pankaj sah says:

Thank you sir, it really a great helpful video …thanks a lot..

Somoud Barghouthy says:

Professor. Sali,

I never find words to express my deep gratitude toward you. You are one of the best lecturers I really enjoy and learn very much from them.

Thank you very much

Santhi Kumar says:

Thank you very much for this tutorial. It is very helpful to all who want to learn in proper way

knittingnickel9 says:

No such command on my version, using Word 2016.

Mahmoud Ali says:

that was amazing … thanks so much for Ur effort .. u really helped a lot

Opoku Samuel says:

how can i get more of your videos

rohit2761 says:

Guys this is the best on youtube.
go ahead and watch this…
thanks professor Kaceli.

Santosh Kumar says:

Sir the working files are missing, pls provide me….. Thank you in advance…. You are a genius with great tutorials….

Alex Kidane says:

thank you so much  professor sali kaceli.

Rain3Silver says:

Thank you, for this wonderful Tutorial, Mr. Kaceli. It has provided me a great refresher course on Microsoft Work 2013, for a coming up test. It has been very informative. Thank you, again.

2k9flash says:

very good tutorial, I like it and can recommend it

Kitenge Lorrie says:

Very very amasing and easy way of doing. I thank you for this tutorial

SonOfExcalibur! says:

this helps alot because i have a microsoft offfice class in school

Ibra ceasay says:

What can say to Mr. Sali Kaceli is thanks for your generosity for sharing you knowledge. Helping  those  who wouldn’t have access to this tutorial. You ‘ve  improved my skill at work and me helping other as well..

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