Word 2016 for Beginners Part 19: Creating an Outline in Microsoft Word 2016

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During this Microsoft Word 2016 training tutorial video, we will be creating an outline using bullets or numbers to show the hierarchy within your document. We will talk about promoting and demoting, as well as show you the how to work with the list options such change list level and define new multilevel list.

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Alright we’re down to the last section of module 3. This is going to be section 8 where we’re going to talk about creating an outline. An outline will allow you to show the order of importance or the hierarchy within your document if you have different topics. So you may want to use bullets to create that outline or you may want to use a numbering system. Let me show you how an outline is going to work.

I’ve got my list of names again and I’d like to actually turn these into an outline. I’d like to have each of these names as a first level in my outline and then say something about each person as a second level. I’m going to go ahead and turn the numbers on. Now notice if I’m clicked after the first name in my list and I hit the Enter key I’ll get number two, and notice everything else shifted down. But I really want to have a second level so I can say something about Allen. What I’m going to do is hit the Tab key.

Some terms to get familiar with. When you go from a first to a second level or second to third, so you go down in levels, then that’s called Demoting. If you go up in levels that’s called promoting. You always use Tab to demote and Shift-Tab to promote. Now that I have my A here I can say something about Allen. I can say he was voted top employee in 2015. Notice if I Enter I stay on the same level. He was also voted top employee in 2014. Again I’m going to enter I have number C. now I’d like to make this a first level again so I’m going to hold the Shift-Tab and that’s going to go back to the left. So Tab goes to the right and demotes, Shift-Tab goes to the left and promotes. If I don’t want this 2, for example, I’m just going to backspace over it and I’ll get back up to where my insertion point is behind the 2014 like this. So again I can do the same thing with Bob. If I hit the Enter key first and then tab over I can say something about Bob if I like.

Let me show you how this is going to work when you already have paragraphs in place. Let me flip over to our Burke Flyer. I’ll just switch windows here.

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