Word 2016 – Formatting Tables – How To Format a Table in Microsoft Office 365 – Make Tables Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to format a table in Word 2016. I have a variety of demo videos for Office 365 that are catered to beginners trying to learn more about these programs. I have a video on how to create a table, if you don’t know how to do that, you might want to watch that video first. This video shows you how to adjust sizing and colors, as well as how to create and delete columns. This should help you with Excel 2016 as well. I have playlists on both programs, I encourage you to check them out.

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Instructor A Morgan


Jay Jain says:

Great video, very helpful. It would be additionally helpful if you explain the difference when to use the home.paragraph vs. layout tabs

Judi Gladue says:

Very informational, and I have a question. How do you remove all formatting in one column only in a table in Word 2016? Thank you for your help:)

Addy Bonnetti says:

Thank you, Adam!

Ashley Bonifer says:

Thank you!!!! This was very informative and helpful for me to complete my tables for my grad school essay. I am not a whiz with computers so this was wonderful! I kept saying, “Oh! I see!” and “Ah-Ha!” I like your pace and patient instruction, highlighting each step. Thank you!!

Jenni Dongpiwen says:

Hi sir I wonder if you can show me how to take screen shots of works I have done on word and post them to words as well. Hope my question made sense. Thanks

V Hernandez says:

can you email me your email address

Jacktherocket says:

Thank You so much this will really help me in my exam

Nayeem Ahamed says:

Good explanation about formatting the table in word 2016

Soumitra Gain says:

I am unable to write anything after margeeing the table
could you tale me how to I will be that problem

Jenni Dongpiwen says:

Thank you sir that helped me with my problem. easy to understand as well. I book marked it so I can go back just in case I forget.

Irene Marrs says:

Do you have videos for the specialist exam?

Samuel Chepkwony says:

top shelf professor A M

Gamim Al Masrooi says:

Tomorrow I Have my final Exam And it’s for IT.This is the stuff that is gaining to come in my Exam. Thanks Dude

sbwyo 1 says:

Hey Adam, great videos. I have a baffling problem I can’t figure out. Using MS Word 2016 (Office 365): I can’t get Table Tools to come up, no matter what I do. I see on your screen that every time you click in the newly-created table, “Table Tools” pops up. That never happens with me. You are obviously on the ‘home” tab, right? But I’ve tried all of them. Clicking in a cell, or selecting cells, columns, the entire table, etc, no difference. Is there a setting or something somewhere I need to format/revise/reset? Thanks.

Rosalind Rosenfeld says:

Hi A Morgan, Thank you so much for this video. I am doing my Masters of Ed (Tesol) and tables which move into three or four pages look untidy, especially in an assignment. Whereas I knew how to do this in all previous MS Words…I didn’t have the time to learn 2016. I am so impressed, I am putting a link of your video to all the other participants doing this online with me to help them present a great assignment! Thanks again!.

Oakhills28 says:

Great video.

Cheryl Motte says:

Nice video, My problem is that my table is constantly getting stuck in the page break or upper margin and I cannot move it at all. If I cut and paste it where I need it, It just goes back to the page break. I’m so flipping frustrated with this!

Jay Makhija says:

You demonstrated how to insert a table, but how do you delete a table?

Cotton the shipper says:

Thank you.

Azir says:

thank you very much it helps me a lot

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