Word 2016 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Word for Anyone – 32 Modules

A comprehensive tutorial on using Word 2016, whether you are a student, a business user or in a corporate environment. Learn Microsoft Word in just a couple hours from the basics to the advanced features such as mail merges to recharge your career and resume. For more info. visit http://learn.kaceli.com. The concepts covered here apply also to previous versions of Word such as Word 2013, 2010 and 2007.

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The Quick Guide for Word 2016 along with the data files to follow along are available from here: http://kaceli.com/word2016files/

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The following are covered in detail along with the starting times:
Order of Content developed by Kei Korono:
10:05 Working with basic formatting features in a document
13:57 = 22:28 Using & Modifying formatting Styles in Word 2016
20:52 = 29:23 Creating a new custom [format] Style
31:00 Format Painter: Copy & paste formatting
32:24 Search & Replace: Efficiency & Consistency
36:38 Graphic design made easy
44:05 Smart Art: Graphic design made easy
46:17 Table design made easy
48:14 Using charts
51:57 Using Screen Clipping/Snapshot
53:47 Inserting online videos in a document!
54:49 Using hyperlinks in a document
56:40 Collaborating using Comments in a document
58:13 Using headers and footers in a document
1:01:38 Fancy textboxes in a document
1:02:56 How to merge two documents in Word
1:04:02 Learn how to use Drop Caps in a document in Word
1:04:53 Inserting a cover page in a document
1:06:19 How to insert and remove page breaks
1:08:52 Document styles and Design themes
1:11:36 Changing margins and the Page orientation
1:14:26 Using & Customizing columns in a document
1:15:55 Creating the table of contents in a document
1:20:07 Using footnotes and endnotes in a document
1:22:47 Works Cited, Bibliography & APA, MLA styles
1:30:40 Learn how to insert captions in a document
1:31:43 Mail merge with Excel data file
1:42:24 E-mail merge for bulk mailings
1:51:03 Mail merge labels
1:58:37 Track changes in a document
2:03:25 Learn how to compare and merge two documents
2:06:16 Recording & using Macros

– Original order by Sali Kaceli
00:00 Learn how to get started with Word 2016, the interface, templates and general concepts.
09:45 Learn how to use general formatting features in Word 2016
13:45 Learn how to use formatting styles in Microsoft Word: modify existing styles, create new ones and use styles to create a table of contents.
22:00 Learn how apply and customize formatting styles in Word 2016.
30:45 Learn how to use the Format Painter in Word.
32:20 Learn how to use Search and Replace for advanced features in Word.
36:30 Learn graphic design made easy in Word.
43:50 Learn how to use Smart Art in Word 2016
46:00 Learn how to create tables in Word 2016
48:00 Learn how create charts in Word 2016
51:00 Learn how to use Screen Clipping in Word 2016
53:00 Learn how to insert online videos in a document in Word 2016
54:00 Learn how to insert hyperlinks in a document in Word 2016.
56:30 Learn how to collaborate with others using Comments in a document in Word 2016
58:00 Learn how to insert headers and footers in Word 2016
61:10 Learn how to insert a textbox in Word
62:00 Learn how to merge two documents in Word
64:00 Learn how to use Drop Caps in a document in Word
64:30 Learn how to insert a cover page in a document
66:00 Learn how to insert and remove a page break in a document
68:51 Learn how to apply document styles and design themes to the whole document
72:00 Learn how to change the margins and the page orientation in Word.
74:00 Learn how to create columns in a document
75:50 Learn how to create a table of contents in Word
80:00 Learn how to insert footnotes and endnotes in Word.
82:43 Learn how to use Word for the Works Cited, Bibliography and references
90:00 Learn how to insert captions in Word
91:30 Learn how to create a mail merge in Word 2016
102:00 Learn how to create a mail merge for bulk mailings in Word 2016
111:00 Learn how to perform a mail merge for labels.
118:00 Learn how to track changes in a document in Word
123:00 Learn how to compare and merge two documents
126:00 Learn how to create and use Macros in Word

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YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/skaceli
Word 2016 Complete Tutorial URL: https://youtu.be/TxLuuNprjXg


Kay Lilly says:

This is AWESOME! I have paid for courses not even close to this one! Thanks!

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I learned more in this video than in a 2 years eipass course

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spell check in word

Rudy Djaja says:

The presentation and explanation is very useful, but it time to long for me can absorb them immediately, I note down the section I did learn but will continue in my next session. Thanks Mr S Kaceli.

Call Me Jim says:

awesome video…very detailed. I personally think you are one of the best in tutoring.

Abduli Kharusi says:

Thanks Sali this was Great tutorial

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and i would like to ask you lalittle help
iam going to take the MOS exam could you help me with any instructions
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Very good tutorial!

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Best tutorial ever

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This is really excellent. I learned so much of what will be useful to me. really nice job. thanks for the effort.

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This is good stuff. Keep it up

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thank you sir for your lessons it saves me thousands to learn thank you sir

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Thank you so much for taking time and explaining incisively.

wanda costales says:

This is an excellent tutorial and the pacing is good that I don’t have to put a stop & play it again. Its easy to follow the step by step procedure was clear & thoroughly discussed.. This is very HELPFUL & INFORMATIVE. Mr Kaceli THANK YOU for presenting it well! I recommend this to my daughter Grade 7 and my son Grade 11 this coming JUNE Class 2017, yes we are in the Philippines. Summer is on and this will be great stuff for learning!

Dominique Komey says:

Svp existe t’il une version en français de votre guide?
si oui j’aimerais bien l’avoir car des tutoriel en français il n’en existe pas tellement

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Mr Sali Kaceli your the best Man, I’ve learned a lots from this awesome tutorials. Big up to you Sir

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I can’t get these videos to work. Is it my computer or have they expired? Thanks Sali.

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Your videos are excellent. Not too slow paced; not too fast. Love ’em.

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this was so so helpful.thank you so much

gumesinda Sauceda says:

Mr. Sali Kaceli,
I found the tutorial very well explained, and easy to learn.
I had tried other tutorials before, but
until now I am finally learning to be more proficient in excel and MS word.
Thank you very much.
You are an awesome teacher.

ChannelUrl8 says:

As usual another perfect presentation.

Daniel G says:

I can insert an apple shape OK but then if I want to put a flag picture into the apple, how do I do that? I have seen where under graphic tools there is a format and my word 2016 shows Graphic fill but does not have picture fill option available.

The Churchstreet Boyz says:

Aah zo moet je dus iets knippen en plakken… En hoe werkt Google?

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Help-the drop cap worked but now it is greyed out and can’t use it? It was working just fine and all of a sudden it greyed out.

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I watched your video before my Microsoft Word certification exam and passed!
Thank you so much!

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Can you do a lesson on the Developer tab and it’s capabilities?  That would be very helpful.  Thanks so much.

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The only problem for these tutorials is the low sound.

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Thank you for this clear and thorough tutorial! It is very helpful!

g.e. g.e. says:

Thank you for a wonderful and very thorough tutorial. I have a problem. The first few times I opened Word 2016, it showed the assorted templates at the outset, however, lately the templates are nowhere to be found! Now every time I open the program it takes me directly to a blank page, where I can automatically start typing but no choice of templates. Can someone help me please? Thanks.

Buda Yen says:

48:59 in.

zy co says:

Dear Sali Kaceli, thank you so much for your tutorial, its very helpful!! however I have small question here:
How to move the watermark to the font of text or table, and how to adjust the transparency~~~
thank you!

Vickie Johnson says:

As a middle aged woman looking for a new job, this was incredibly helpful.  Now I feel like I can compete with the young ones! Thank you so much.

geoff says:

Grate tutorial on office 2016, Is there one on building blocks. As I trying to study this part at the moment on my course.

mrsrazzledazzle63 says:

I hadn’t realised how much I had forgotten until I used this tutorial. Extremely helpful and so many ‘..oh that’s how you do it’ moments! Thank you. I shall be moving on to Excel next

Looking for that blessed hope, says:

stupid question what is the music you use between modules. I like to put it on my websites videos. is there a link?

Arohi Barai says:

Thank you very much for uploading this informative video sir. It was indeed a great help in learning MS 2016. Cheers to your effort and motivation.

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How can someone dislike that masterpiece

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