How to easily insert or create and format tables and create or add graphics in Word 2007.visit: – Learn ms word easily: – Learn ms excel easily: – Learn photoshop easily: – Set of easy tutorials:

A tutorial for Microsoft Word for iPad. The entire Microsoft Office suite is available for FREE, allowing users to create and edit documents on the go. Office 365 members get some more advanced editing features, as well as 1TB OneDrive cloud and applications available for PC and Mac. Buy Office for PC/Mac/Tablet (Amazon): Like […]

Hey loves 💖I know some of you asked me about how I achieved the soft blur/film grain look in my last lookbook video, so here’s a REALLY quick video tutorial for you! As always, thank you so much for watching and supporting! 🌸 @0:53 To skip all the mumble jumble. @3:31 to skip ahead to […]

This tutorial shows you how to use camera tracking (motion tracking) to create cinematic titles with your drone footage in Adobe After Effects. ____________________ New videos EVERY week! Make sure to like, comment, subscribe & RING that bell! Our Gear: Sony A6300 ( Sigma 16mm f/1.4 ( Sigma 30mm f/1.4 ( Aputure 120D ( Aputure […]

Hey Guys! Thanks for viewing my video. You’ve seen BlotterMedia on Instagram and you’ve wondered how to create their glowing scribble animation videos in After Effects. Learn how to do this in 3 minutes. More After Effects Tutorials ►… ✅ Please subscribe to my channel and leave a comment below! ✅ OUR EQUIPMENT Shop at […]

A tutorial for iMovie for iOS. Check out one of the most popular video editors for iOS. Apple’s movie editing app is surprisingly capable, with many good features hidden away under the minimalist design. Tutorial Contents: 0:00-0:30 Intro 0:30-1:31 Viewing Media (Video/Projects/Theatre) 1:31-2:05 Importing Media 2:05-3:00 UI Overview 3:00-3:57 Project Settings (Filters/Themes/Theme Music/Fade In and […]

If you’ve wanted to up the cinematic quality of your videos so that they look like film, then you need to check out mLUT. mLut is an easy to use plugin for Final Cut Pro X which immediately changes the overall look of your project. It’s perfect for all kinds of cinema; whether you want […]

In this series of videos I’ll show you how I edit my vlogs, and also the best way to shoot cinematic b-roll and how I edit that to the music. Build your own epic website on Squarespace: CODE: KANEANDPIA for 10% of your first purchase too!! Download music that is great for vlogs: […]

This is a basic modeling tutorial of Maya for the beginners, creating a Classical Guitar. I assumed that the viewer already knows the interface of Maya. Only the modeling part has been described step by step. Modeling a Hammer: Modeling a Pitcher: Sound: youtube music

In this Maya 2018 modeling tutorial I will show you some alternative modeling techniques that might help you out of a tight spot on occasion. ———- MY AMAZING CHANNEL SPONSOR ———- Check out my amazing channel sponsor Dogwood Gaming at The creators of Ashes of Tanaka ———- SUBSCRIBE ———- MH Tutorials 3D Modeling […]

Learn how to use animations to create interactive ePubs and online publications with Adobe InDesign CC 2018. This video is part of a longer live stream presented to our Patrons. Find full recording and a lot of other exclusive learning content here:

Download Free Acrylic Paint Textures here: Lighting Setup Tutorial: Using Cinema 4D’s soft body dynamics, force dynamic simulation with textures and render in Octane Render, you too can make abstract art that resembles a sorbet tumor. You should get that looked at. Daily Visual Diary: Personal IG: Portfolio: Concept Art: […]

In this video I will walk you through the basic steps on how to build a displaced & animated body of water with in Cinema 4d, & then to save you time and effort, I will show you a powerful tool call “Infinite Ocean” which features infinite, realistic, displaced ocean water, with customizable waves to […]

➜ Download thousands of free sample packs and more producer resources: ——— In this tutorial, Jake takes us through five quick insights in the audio region of Logic Pro X. Like in each DAW, there are plenty of hidden features and shortcuts. Improving workflow is huge benefit to your production quality as well as […]

Need writing services? Visit: – This channel is dedicated to Lee Writing Services. The tutorial and pronunciation videos on this channel are meant to be helpful and entertaining. Use your own best judgment as to whether you want to follow their advice or not. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

When you need to organize data then you can create tables in MS Word to ease the job. In this Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorial Video, we will discuss about creating new tables inside your document. You will learn different ways to insert tables in your document. We will also cover in detail that how Microsoft […]

Get 100’s of FREE Video Templates, Music, Footage and More at Motion Array: In this Premiere Pro tutorial we’re taking a look at how to zoom in Premiere Pro. Zooming into your footage is a simple effect that you will likely use a lot in Premiere Pro. In this tutorial we show you the […]

Premiere Pro tutorial: create the character introduction effect similar the one that Guy Ritchie used in the movie Snatch. Start your own website today and get 10% discount Music used in this video: Clip used in this tutorial: Transition @ 00:56 Font used in the Premiere Pro tutorial: Ink splashes […]

Slide Design for PowerPoint Presentation – PowerPoint Tutorial Software Used : Laptop Used : This tutorial will teach you how to design appealing, high quality and on trend for 2016 / 2017 and further PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint no matter which version you use, Powerpoint 2010, Powerpoint 2013 or Powerpoint 2016 has all the […]

Die Basics von dem Videoschnittprogramm Lightworks. Ich zeige Dir wie Du mit Lightworks Deinen ersten Film schneidest. _____________________________________________________________ Videos für Unternehmer, Existenzgründer und alle die sich für Video-, Bildbearbeitung, Design & Marketing interessieren © 2018 Oliver Lettmann _______________________________________________________ LETTMANN-WEB Tiny and Tricky Marketing Assistance * Marketing * Consulting * Print- und * Web-Design

We’re calling this the “Instagram iPhone Fly-In Tutorial”, something we originally created for Jessica Kobeissi’s 4 Photographers Shoot The Same Model series. If you don’t have time to follow the tutorial you can also purchase the template here: COLOR CODES for Instagram gradient: ▶ Color 1: D62976 ▶ Color 2: 962FBF ▶ Color 3: […]

Just a video on how simple it is to edit with iMovie.

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to set up a document from scratch in Adobe Indesign. Enjoy ***************** This video is part of a 13 part course: COURSE OVERVIEW: 00 – Adobe Indesign For Beginners – Tutorial Overview & Breakdown STEP 1 – PREPARATION: 01 – Preparation For Adobe Indesign Projects 02 […]

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